Journeybook: A Guided Travel Journal and Trip Planner to Inspire and Facilitate Your Travels

Journeybook coverTravel is a fantastic tool for transformation! It’s for that reason that The Mindful Word features many such articles on transformative travel. One of its travel writers, UB Hawthorn, presents Journeybook as a  trip planner and guided travel journal. The trip planner offers practical tips on planning your trip with writing prompts, checklists, maps, travel resources and more. The travel journal section offers space to record your travels so you can keep your memories, reflect on them and grow.

Inside the book you’ll find:
» Packing Checklist
» Visa Checklist
» Travel Budget
» Itinerary Planners
» Maps and Tables
» Writing Prompts
» Journaling Tips
» 100 lined pages
» Travel Resources
» And more…

Product Details
» 166 pages
» 60 pound (90 gsm) cream-coloured paper
» 5.25 x 8 inches in size (pocket-sized)
» Perfect-bound 10 pt glossy cover



Few experiences in life can captivate us with the intensity of travel. All at the same time, travel can activate the senses, engage the mind, spark powerful feelings and tap into the soul.

Whether it’s seeing a mighty African elephant for the first time, wandering in rapture through a cathedral in Florence or listening to the hypnotic hum of Tibetan monks chanting there’s a lot to absorb when travelling. A little bit too much sometimes to really make something out of it.

Enter the journal. Taking the time to ponder the many goings on of the day gives us an opportunity to make sense of what we experienced. By reflecting on our experiences we can deepen our connection to a place we visit, the people we meet and the things we do, making travel that much more powerful.

Use the Trip Planner to assist with all the practicalities of travel like packing and budgeting. This section offers checklists, itineraries and other practical tools to guide you through all the quirks of travel planning.

The Travel Journal section offers a number of tips and writing prompts to help you develop a regular routine of journal writing, and inspirational quotes are included along the way to keep you engaged as you jot down your memories.

Travelling brings up questions. A lot of them. The Travel Resources section provides tools to answer some of your questions as well as a list of online resources to point you in the right direction.

Travel forces us to grow in ways that we likely would not if we stayed on home turf and failed to push our boundaries. Just as a seed grows into a mighty tree, we can use travel to plant a seed of potential. Experience it. Feel it. Absorb it… then reflect on it and record it here.