Editorial policy

The Mindful Word is committed to our readers, which means we do not mix our editorial with advertising. When we do advertise we try to take a select approach to advertising that highlights products and services we feel visitors to The Mindful Word would appreciate. Our first obligation is, and always will be, to our readers.

Reader trust

A big problem in the print magazine world is the collaboration between advertising sales and editorial staff. When sales staff score an advertising deal with a client, they sometimes pressure editors to run a story on that company, write a favourable review of their product, or use some other embedded marketing technique to please their clients. Publishers use the “Chinese wall” to maintain separation between editorial and advertising. Those publications that erect and keep the wall maintain their editorial integrity (and the implicit trust of their readership).

In the online publishing world where one blogger can handle everything from editorial to sales to technical, the lines have blurred. The Chinese wall is no longer an option since most web entities consist of one person sitting on the wall, speaking to both sides, which inevitably has led to problems that have harmed web publishing’s reputation.

Bloggers are increasingly using their sites to sell advertisers’ products, but masking those sales pitches as editorial content. It’s no different than advertorial, but oftentimes is not even labelled as advertising. This is confusing the reader and harming readers’ trust.

No sponsored content

We want to maintain our readers’ trust. Our editorial space is strictly reserved for editorial, and advertising for advertising. We do not publish sponsored posts or any other form of advertorial content. Whatever you read on The Mindful Word was written because it’s something we feel is of use to our readers.

Minimal advertising

To offer the best reading experience, we keep the body of articles free from ads. We do present very few ads in the sidebar of our website as a means of covering our maintenance costs. For readers not interested in viewing ads we suggest using an ad blocker, which should prevent all these ads from showing.


There are so many great resources out there. We support the purchase of conscious media because we believe that you can never stop learning. We are an affiliate of Amazon’s products. So if you see a link from a book or DVD, that’s our affiliate link. We want to encourage people to buy the right products, so we review and excerpt conscious media that we want to support, and then advertise those same products. We’ve also curated a list of recommended book, video and audio conscious media resources. Visit the Resources section for the lists.

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You will see occasional links to media products (mostly books) on The Mindful Word, which direct the user to Amazon’s site. In some cases, free review copies of books or other media products have been given to The Mindful Word writers free of charge, but we do not receive financial compensation to write about anything.