Submission guidelines

The Mindful Word publishes articles on a range of engaged living topics, such as mindfulness, personal growth, voluntary simplicity, wholistic health and community building. Read some articles on our site and have a look at our About us page to learn more about the kind of material we publish.

What we publish – We only accept articles that have not been published before on the Internet (as in they have never appeared anywhere on the Internet, not even a personal blog or social media). We do not publish guest posts by writers just wanting to promote themselves or their services. However, if you genuinely want to write about a topic that we cover feel free to submit your story. You’ll have the opportunity to add a bio at the end of your article where you can add your links.

What we’re looking for – Listed below are the content formats we’re interested in. To get a feel for the specific types of content we publish, we encourage you to read a few articles before submitting.

»  features  – creative nonfiction, investigative journalism
»  service articles – how-to, lists, round-ups
»  interviews – text and/or video
»  reviews – conscious media (released within the last year)
»  essays – personal, not academic
»  videos – accompanied by a short text introductory paragraph
»  news and reports – on the topics of mindfulness, psychology, yoga and health
»  fiction – related to any of the topics we cover, with positive theme(s)
»  poetry – any form or genre
»  editorial cartoons – related to spirituality, society, culture (attach 72 DPI JPGs)
»  photo essays – any form or genre (attach 72 DPI JPGs)

Licensing – We publish submissions under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, which means your articles will have a greater reach since they’ll be freely available to be republished both online and offline. You’re also free to republish your article after it has appeared on The Mindful Word. Read our Creative Commons page and this essay for more info about this license and why we publish this way.

Editing – We edit all submissions to ensure quality, to suit our audience and to adhere to our style guidelines so expect that your work will be edited. If your piece is selected for publication, expect that it could take up to three weeks from the date of submission before it will be published.

Word count – We don’t have any set limit on article length, although we ask for a minimum of 700 words unless you’re submitting poetry or a review. The longer an article is the less likely it will get read to the end, but the shorter it is the less depth it provides the reader. We typically find that 1,000 to 2,000 words is a good length for most articles.

Byline – Want to get exposure to an audience of over 100,000 monthly views? Since we’re a non-profit, volunteer-run media organization we don’t have an income to pay writers so we’re happy to help you get exposure by adding your biographical information, website and social media links. Please keep your bio to a maximum of 50 words.

Social media – We’ll do our best to further promote your piece across our social networks. If you can also share it across your own social networks that would be great since the more it gets shared the more likely it will be to make it to our Top Articles widget and then into our monthly newsletter.

Simultaneous submissions – We accept simultaneous submissions, but we ask that you inform us in your initial submission letter if you’ve submitted simultaneously and to notify us if your submission has been accepted for publication elsewhere.

Sending your submission – 

Send article submissions to
Send poetry and fiction to and
reviews (or material for review) to

Please attach either a DOC, TXT or RTF file as well as pasting the submission in the body of the email. We will respond within two weeks.