Front cover of book - Dreams that can safe your lifeDREAMS THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases

Larry Burk, MD, CEHP and Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos

[Findhorn Press, 288 pages]

Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases was written by radiologist Larry Burk and dreamwork expert Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos, and provides multiple case studies of people suffering from breast and other cancers that were detected through the guidance of dreams and spirit-guides.

These case studies were compiled from The Breast Cancer Dream Project, a study undertaken by Larry Burk after being inspired by the journey of a dear friend, Diane, who was able to diagnose her breast cancer through interpreting her dreams and working with medical practitioners to find and treat the cancer—despite their skepticism of the source of diagnosis, as Diane was in apparent good health and had no related symptoms.

Communicating with our “Physicians-within”

Primarily through the experiences of women suffering from breast cancer, the reader is introduced to the amazing abilities that we all possess to extract valuable information from our “Physicians-within”: the metaphors presented in our dreams and messages from our spirit-guides. The subconscious is the gateway to the spirit world and our Higher Power, and being open to trusting our intuitions and heeding their warnings could be life-saving.

In many of the case studies, people with no outward symptoms or superficially detectable markers of cancer experienced dreams containing symbols such as crabs (the universal sign of Cancer) and visits during their sleeping state from monks or loved ones. These symbols and visits not only warned them of their illnesses, but also showed many of them where, in their body, the cancer was present.

The challenge for many of these dreamers was getting the medical practitioners they approached to believe that their dreams could possibly detect something that mammograms and other superficial examinations couldn’t spot. It was often only with insistence and determination that these patients were able to convince their doctors to do more in-depth testing to confirm their diagnoses.

Co-author O’Keefe-Kanavos states,

Like all the amazing women and men in this book have said, “Believe in your dreams and be guided by them.” To their wisdom, I would like to add: Trust in your dreams, and trust in your Higher Power, because your Higher Power Often speaks to you through dreams. Don’t tell your Higher Power how big your problems are. Tell your problems how big your Higher Power is, and stand in that power.

Documenting and interpreting dreams

Woman sleeping in bed - Dreams that can save your lifeAlthough the vast majority of Dreams That Can Save Your Life focuses on sharing the experiences of participants in the Breast Cancer Dream Project, it does also provide some guidance about why we dream and how we can document and interpret the things we dream about to help us decipher important warnings about our health.

There are three main reasons we dream:

  • Entertainment/relaxation
  • Problem-solving
  • To receive answers to questions based on waking intentions (such as when we write down particular questions before we go to bed and pay attention to the duality of words)

To decipher our dreams, it’s important for us to keep a dream journal, documenting our dreams upon waking and considering each dream from different perspectives. Pay attention to any recurrent themes, as sometimes it’s difficult to understand the meaning of a dream, but on important matters, our spirit-guides will bring us multiple messages to help us solve the puzzle. Sharing our dreams with others can also help provide insight into metaphors and their meanings that may not otherwise be apparent to us.

Convincing the skeptics—and perhaps saving lives

The case studies and information presented in Dreams That Can Save Your Life are very interesting and insightful; they show that if we’re open-minded, and pay attention to the messages our dreams relay to us and work with intention to understand them, they could save our lives or the lives of loved ones we dream about.

The authors hope this publication will help medical practitioners become more open to the power of our subconscious insights to help diagnose illnesses. This may be hard to achieve, as medical training focuses on fact and not intuition.

However, readers are encouraged to become “E-patients” and educate themselves based on the messages presented in their dreams, and to be persistent and determined when it comes to getting the testing they feel they need, despite the reticence of their doctors. This could very well save a life!

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