Front cover of book - Breaking up with busyBREAKING UP WITH BUSY: Real-Life Solutions for Overscheduled Women

Yvonne Tally

[New World Library, 216 pages]

When women said they could do it all, all is exactly what they got, but this has become a double-edged sword. Juggling a career, a family and community commitments can result in a very hectic lifestyle, often at the expense of a woman’s health and well-being.

Based on her own personal experiences and those of her clients, author Yvonne Tally offers useful strategies and tips that’ll help women balance their busy schedules and ensure they get the self-care and spiritual connection they need to live healthy and happy lives.

No stranger to a busy schedule

Tally is no stranger to the challenges of being overscheduled. Not only has she experienced her own health scares as a result of living a fast-paced life, but she’s also a master practitioner of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and leads de-stressing and meditation workshops to help other people who are struggling to find balance in their lives.

Additionally, Tally co-founded Poised Inc., a Pilates and wellness studio, and founded a charity that provides headscarves to cancer patients. Even with all her professional and personal commitments, she has found concrete ways to manage her schedule and live a healthy life.

Advice tailored to distinct personality types

Full of wisdom on balance and living with intention, Tally has compiled strategies and steps any woman can follow in order to take control of her schedule and prioritize time for healthy mental and physical practices, as well as for spiritual growth. These strategies are tailored to unique personality types so that the advice can be followed in a way that suits each woman’s own circumstances.

Many women have a tendency to get stuck in a trap of saying yes too often, giving too much and trying too hard to please, among other unhealthy habits that depend upon their unique personalities. In Breaking Up With Busy, readers are given pointers on how to counteract their susceptibility to these traps with healthy strategies.

Whether you’re a “Pleaser,” a “Perfectionist,” an “Alpha” or another classification of an “OSW” (Overscheduled Woman), Tally offers specific tactics that make use of a “Super Solutions Process,” enabling all types of women to prioritize their own health, happiness and sense of connection, and to live with intention.

“Rushing Reminders”

Woman walking quickly while using cell phone - Breaking up with busyOne set of tips Tally offers includes questions to ask and comments to make to yourself when your schedule starts getting packed to the point of rushing from one task to another.

The excerpt below showcases just a few of her “Rushing Reminders”:

Rushing Reminders: 

  • What doesn’t get done today will be waiting for you tomorrow.
  • Practice the artful ask, and see if something can get done by someone else.
  • You can reprioritize and move the task to another time, or you can let go of it altogether.
  • Rate whether or not it’s worth the rush one situation at a time; doing it this way will make it feel more manageable to adopt the solution and turn it into a time-saving habit.

In this book, in addition to tailor-made strategies for every OSW personality type, the author offers a total of 52 refreshers and reminders that can be used to help women stay on track with breaking up with a busy lifestyle for good.

For anyone who’s seeking more balance

Yvonne Tally does a great job, in Breaking Up with Busy, of giving women actionable advice supported by real-life examples; and any woman—or any person, for that matter—who needs more balance in their life will be able to benefit from reading this book.

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