Inner Asia: A Collection of Travel Stories from the Indian Subcontinent

ISBN: 978-1988245744
Paperback, 108 pages
June 2017
$7.95 (Paperback) and $3.69 (Kindle edition)

The Co-Existence of Spirituality and Modern Life

With a history of spawning world religions, the Indian subcontinent has a thirst for the spiritual that runs deep in its collective unconscious. But these traditions are under threat as the might of modernity delivers its transformative blows.

With these two conflicting ways of life co-existing in a region of nearly 2 billion, the Indian subcontinent provides an ideal backdrop for exploring the spiritual and the secular—how they interact, clash, combine.

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About the author

Kiva Bottero has been travel-living around the world since 2007, writing and editing for The Mindful Word and various other publications. Years after embarking on his nomadic journey, he’s still aimlessly chasing his spiritual tail (while picking up some crazy tales along the way).