Having only an intellectual understanding of our Divinity and true eternal nature, versus actually knowing and living through it in every moment of every day—and calling on our greatest Superpowers to make magic happen in our lives—are two different things.

In shamanism and other ancient wisdom traditions, they speak about the difference between information and knowledge. One of my dear teachers and mentors, Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., writes and talks about his time with shamans of the indigenous peoples of the high Andes, during his journeys as a medical anthropologist, when he was able to collect stories and wisdom teachings from the ancient South Americans in the Amazon.

These teachers talk about information being confused with knowledge. Information, they say, is knowing that water is made up of H2O, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Knowledge, by contrast, is comprehending the nature of water so well that you can make it rain.

Many of us on this supernal path are aware of our infinite selves, the ones who were never born and will never die. When we’ve had the honour of tasting Infinity, death can no longer claim us, for we’ve been claimed by life.

In the day-to-day flow of life, we sometimes momentarily forget our true eternal nature, and certain moments present us with opportunities to remember, inviting us to tune back in to our innate gifts.

Among many others, we have three great Superpowers, and this is a reminder for revisiting (and using) them as tools that’ll help you come back to the Eternal Now anytime you feel adrift.

Our breath

DiverOur breath is the most powerful Superpower we hold. Returning to the breath can instantly slow us down, bring us back to the present moment and allow us to step back into non-ordinary, non-linear time.

There are a myriad of breathing techniques out there, and finding the ones that work best for you is a helpful permission slip to accept.

This may mean simply pausing in the moment you’re in, and taking deep, nourishing inhalations through the nose and long, audible exhalations on the out-breath; or, alternatively, drawing in the breath for five seconds, pausing for five seconds to hold it at the top, and then exhaling for five seconds, repeating this process several times.

Our intention

VultureOur next greatest superpower is our intention. We’re powerful co-creators, dreaming our world into Being in every moment. Making our minds our greatest allies instead of our greatest parasites is one of the most amazing gifts we can give ourselves.

Making our minds our greatest allies instead of our greatest parasites is one of the most amazing gifts we can give to ourselves.

Living and aligning ourselves with our intention is a beautiful practice. Using the mind, we can derive what it is we want by:

  • Bringing to mind an ideal image of our desire
  • Detaching from the outcome and leaving it to the Universe to figure out the ‘how’ (how things will manifest and come into being)
  • Trusting that Spirit has something even greater, bigger and better planned than we could’ve ever visualized in the first place

When the mind begins to think about the ‘how’ (How will this be possible? How will I manifest this? How will that happen in time?), we’re overburdening the thinking mind. In these moments, we can remind ourselves to give our questions up to the higher mind so it can do its magical work.

Setting our intention each morning and in each situation we go into, whether that’s a meeting, a conversation, a class, a workshop or merely any given moment; and then asking ourselves what our intention is and continuing to check in throughout, can help redirect and realign us.

Our intuition

Dreamcatcher and bisonOur intuition is our third greatest superpower. As highly intuitive beings, we can strengthen our relationship with ourselves by opening up our inner dialogue in a healthy way.

Putting feeling into situations and decisions helps cultivate discernment and higher wisdom. Following our highest bliss in each moment, to the best of our abilities, without attachment to or insistence on the outcome, is the formula—and our intuition is a key component of that formula.

Combining all three

Through an alchemy of our three greatest superpowers, we become able to maximize our potential to practice our own inner magic and co-create our personal dreams. Placing our awareness on and reminding ourselves of these Superpowers is just one of the first—and most significant—steps involved in putting them into practice.

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Olivia Weil is a New York lawyer turned shamanic energy medicine practitioner, soul alchemy coach and plant-based nutritionist. She holds post-graduate certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University; and in the energy medicine space, she was trained traditionally by the Four Winds Society and the shamans of  the indigenous peoples of the high Andes.  She has an international healing practice that involves travelling between the Americas and combines ancient wisdom with modern science. She can be reached at Olivia@onelovemedicine.com.

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