Satirical cartoon about what stem cells can morph into - Stem cell research gone wild!!!

Screen reader version: 

Stem Cell Research Gone Wild!!!

Advanced scientific research has revealed that stem cells can morph into…

…just about anything!!

  • An endless supply of replacement socks*
  • Artisan Q-Tips*
  • Hack-proof passwords*
  • Extra brain lobes with 500 gigabytes memory*
  • Vegetarian vampires that drink V-8 juice instead of blood*
  • Satellite dish ear extensions*

*Disclaimer – Clinical trials still ongoing




Shelli Pruett is a Los Angeles-based artist. She has a degree in Fine Arts from New College in Sarasota, Florida. Her work has been published in many venues, including The Wall Street Journal. Her cartoons range from the pithy and philosophical to the whimsical. They’re about life and spirituality in this modern world, as well as alternate worlds of imagination.