The Way of the Bear: A Family Coloring Storybook

The Way of the Bear - Family Coloring Storybook

The Way of the Bear
Kathy Roberts (author); Dawn Collins (illustrator)
ISBN: 978-1-988245-21-8
44 pages
November 2016
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What do you get when you cross a coloring book with a storybook? A way for the family to relax and create together.

When the business of the day is through and it’s time to slow down but not quite time for bed, pull up a chair, bring out the colors and spend some time reading, relaxing and relating. You aren’t just coloring pages. You’re making memories.

The Way of the Bear is a book about the sacred relationship between giving and receiving with gratitude. As the Mother Bear teaches her cubs the importance of being thankful to the Salmon People, the reader is shown how necessary respect is for true gratitude. The Mother wants to give her cubs important things about which to think and the reader is asked to take that same journey.

On top of the story, you also get 44 pages of beautiful pictures to color. The book is designed so that the detailed pictures are on the right-hand page for adult colorists (great for stress relief!) and simpler drawings of animals are on the left for the kids.

Samples of the book / Free coloring pages

(click image for larger version then right-click and select “Save image as” to download and print if you’d like to sample the book) 

Free coloring pages for kidsFree coloring book page - The Way of the BearFree coloring pages for adults
Free coloring pages for kids (Bears)Free coloring book page from The Way of the BearThe Way of the Bear - free bear coloring book page


Kathy Roberts - bio photo


Kathy Roberts is a writer who lives in one of the prairie states, under skies that go on forever and sunsets that will take your breath away. Sharing this flat Eden with her are three dogs, one cat, four horses and a very understanding significant other.

She publishes her short stories on The Mindful Word and is currently working on a novel to be finished in 2017.

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Dawn Collins - bio (illustrator)


Dawn Collins comes from a long line of free-spirited, creative women who taught her to believe in hope, to chase down dreams and see beauty everywhere. As she puts it, “Art is in my genes. It’s not what I do, it’s who I am and I love it.” The intention behind her art: “I want my art to bring the viewer peace, love and happiness. I want to encourage the dreams and smiles and whimsy that sometimes gets bogged down under life.

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Reviews for The Way of the Bear

Top Customer Reviews

This is SO much more than a great coloring book — and it’s a great coloring book at that! The story about the Mother Bear and her cubs and their place in the web of life takes this deeply important subject and makes it easy for kids to understand. As you color with your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, you get to talk about bears, how they live, the rivers and their “people”, and how we are all connected in a sacred way. I recommend this to everyone who wants to spend quality time with their kids, share a deep sense of belonging with other beings on our planet, and have a really FUN time doing it!

WHAT A GREAT CONCEPT!!! A coloring book for both adults and children with a well delivered, sweet, meaningful message. The mother bear gently tells her cubs about the salmon people who feed them… she teaches them about the value of gratitude in our lives and this message is equally meaningful and necessary for both children and adults alike.

By CindyinKS on December 21, 2016

The story is excellent, educational and warm, and it’s a wonderful parent/child activity book. Great writing and great artwork.

By Edie Kelly on December 9, 2016

Children’s story +coloring book that an adult and child can use at the same time = Genius!

By Sherry Mugrage on November 12, 2016

Truly delightful! Love this book!
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