Journaling is all about being engaged in our lives and understanding ourselves better. When we reflect on our thoughts and actions we gain self-knowledge and grow exponentially. Journaling greatly facilitates this process of personal growth. As a journal of engaged living, The Mindful Word publishes a lot of articles on journaling and related topics. We also sell a number of journals of different shapes, sizes and designs in our Book Shop. Here’s a sampling of our articles on journaling and some personal essays for journaling inspiration.

Learn about journaling

» CENTRED WITH COMPASSION: Journal writing as a mindfulness practice and healing tool

» JOURNALING: A personal essay on the benefits of journal writing

» THE ART OF COMPASSIONATE EDITING: How mindfulness at the keyboard can save your sanity

» WRITING WILD: Q&A with Tina Welling about forming a creative partnership with nature

» THE ARTIST WITHIN: Turn everyday actions into an art form

» THE GRATITUDE CHALLENGE: What are you thankful for today?

» IT’S NOT “ONLY WORDS”: Write with acceptance, edit with compassion

Personal essays for journaling inspiration

» MIND CLEANSING SCHOOL: Finding fulfillment in life as a janitor

» DEPRESSION: 10 simple ways to support someone through the darkest of times

» A SYMPHONY OF CACOPHONY: Walking the streets of India

» A POET’S JOURNAL: The urge to utterance

» CAMBODIA’S CHILDREN: Running an orphanage in Cambodia

» THE GRATITUDE MONUMENT: Remembering the hardship of previous generations

» A QUESTION OF INCENTIVE: Work to the best of our ability regardless of reward

» PAPER NO MORE: How a paper book addict turned to ebooks and never looked back

» MENTAL HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE: The changing nature of the sick day

» FOREIGN TONGUE: The powerful silent language of the body