Comment moderation policy

With a vision of creating a culture of engaged citizens, The Mindful Word highly encourages commenting among its readers. That encouragement extends to civil, constructive debate and generally any comments that contribute to a healthy dialogue.

There is a limit to what we can tolerate, however. Comments that are highly offensive in nature, such as racist, vulgar or hate speech, are unwelcome. We also do not allow spam, profanity, impersonations and personal attacks. Any comments falling under one or more of these categories will not be published.

Though we moderate all comments for suitability before approval, the vast majority of comments are approved. We always do our best to moderate comments in a timely manner.

For comments that are not approved, we cannot provide input as to why each individual comment was not published so as to devote resources to publishing and moderating comments rather than debating the specifics of each individual decision not to approve a comment.

If you find a comment that is inappropriate, you may contact us and we’ll review it in a timely manner.