Everything in our physical Universe is made of energy, and it exists in various forms. Each of us radiates our own energy. For example, when you come into contact with someone who is angry or negative, you can sense her repellent energy. The same is true of someone who is positive and happy. You’re drawn to him because he has a positive and light energy.

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction: like attracts like, and your thoughts, words and actions are mirrored back to you through your experiences (more on this law just below).

Though there are other, less well-known Universal Laws, including the Law of Least Effort, our focus in this section is specifically on the twelve Universal and Spiritual Laws of money and financial prosperity.

So without further ado, here are the twelve Universal and Spiritual Laws of money and financial prosperity.

The law of abundance

Abundance is your natural state. Noticing the abundance you already have in your life enables you to receive more. The opposite is also true. By only noticing what you don’t have, you attract more scarcity. If you believe that you have to struggle to make money, then the way you’ll receive money is by struggling to generate it. Yet if you truly believe that abundance is your natural state, your experiences will naturally lead to this.

Key tip: Shift your beliefs toward abundance, and expect to experience ease and flow.

The law of attention

Whatever you give attention to manifests, so focus on positive thoughts as often as you can. At the same time, commit to your goals and dreams, and don’t overanalyze everything, because doing so can block your energy and flow. The Law of Attention concerns the focus of your thoughts, words, and actions and is closely tied to the Law of Attraction. If you give attention to worry or fear, you bring it into your experience. Therefore, watch what you focus on.

Key tip: Positive energy always has a higher and more powerful charge than negative energy, so focus on being positive as much and as often as you can.

The law of attraction

Man on peak looking at clouds with thumbs up - Spiritual energy and the almighty dollarYour experiences are affected by this law. Because what you focus your thoughts on expands, you’ll receive experiences that correspond with your dominant thoughts and emotions. When you think of positive things, you accelerate the process of having more positive experiences, particularly when you express gratitude for all the blessings you’ve already received.

You attract into your life the people and circumstances that are in alignment with what you radiate out into the world.

Once you understand this law and begin to notice what you’re paying attention to, you’ll be able to create and shape the experiences you want in all areas of your life—including with money.

Essentially, the Law of Attraction operates on thoughts, words, emotions and actions, which the Universe mirrors back to you through experiences. Another way to view this is that energy flows out of your body like a signal or airwave. You emit a precise signal, and only the same kind of wavelength will respond to it. The result is that you attract into your life the people and circumstances that are in alignment with what you radiate out into the world.

The Law of Attraction tends to be misunderstood as too simplistic. It is not a universal supply-and-delivery store. Rather, it’s a dynamic tool to help you transform yourself to match the energy of what you want to create in your life, since like attracts like.

However, the Law of Attraction can’t be used for harming others or as a remedy to magically cure a serious illness. Further, the Law of Attraction must be implemented properly. It isn’t enough to simply think and say what you want and then do nothing to achieve it. You must be an active participant in creating it. This means that you must be open to paying attention to the signs and opportunities that come your way, and then take the appropriate course of action.

Key tip: There’s no creation without action. While having clarity is key, you must support it by taking intentional actions and being awake to the right opportunities.

The law of clarity

When you’re clear about your deepest desire and will, others respond accordingly. Whenever you’re decisive and committed to a specific action, no one can stop you. One of my favorite sayings is, “Never get in the way of a woman [or man] on a mission!”

On the other hand, when you lack clarity, you feel confused or frustrated, and this ties up your personal energy.

Key tip: The moment you make a clear decision that’s aligned with your highest purpose, this action sends a powerful energy to the Universe, and your path lights up, allowing you to take the next step.

The law of flow

Universal energy flows downstream, like a river. If the flow is blocked, the river overflows. This is also the case with your emotions. If you keep anger, fear, doubts, worry and more suppressed, it’s only a matter of time before your emotions overflow in negative ways. This is how your immune system can become compromised.

You’ll know when you’re not in flow and are heading upstream. The energy is heavy and everything feels like a burden. You’re pushing to make things happen rather than enjoying the process. Your job is to make room and space for the positive flow of what you desire.

Key tip: Let go of what no longer serves you. Learn to let your emotions come to the surface and be expressed, giving them space to manifest and preventing blockages.

The law of giving and the law of receiving

Tax receipts from charities - Spiritual energy and the almighty dollarBoth these laws offer different aspects of the flow of energy. When you give what you seek, you’re also keeping the flow of abundance in the Universe circulating in your life.

The beauty of giving is that it creates a vacuum and an opportunity to receive. An elegant and pure aspect of giving to others is that in truth, you’re also giving to yourself. As Francis of Assisi said, “It is in giving that we receive.”

Another way to take action with this law is through the spiritual practice of tithing—giving and donating one-tenth of the money you earn. Practicing tithing from a place of gratitude and love will result in multitudes of blessings and abundance in your life.

Key tip: While one-tenth (or 10 percent) is recommended for tithing, the exact percentage is a personal decision based on your situation. The act of giving to others doesn’t deplete your own supply.

The law of intention

Attaining what you desire starts with setting a clear intention. The clearer you are about your intention, the more likely it is that you’ll achieve what you desire. When you combine intention with taking focused action, you can manifest your desires more quickly.

One reason many of us don’t realize what we want is that we aren’t specific enough about it. When baking a cake, you need the right ingredients and you need to follow the right steps. Otherwise, you’ll be making something else. It’s the same thing with manifesting anything else in your life, including financial prosperity. All the right ingredients must be in place.

Once you’re clear about what you want, you must take the right actions and do whatever is necessary (within reason) to achieve it.

Key tip: Once you’ve taken the necessary actions, surrender and release the outcome. The act of surrendering accelerates the results.

The law of manifestation

This law is closely connected to the Law of Attraction. Manifestation is the ability to bring something into physical reality. Through the Law of Attraction, you know that what you focus on expands. As such, focusing on the positive outcomes and results that you want is vital. This includes releasing old beliefs about money that no longer serve you.

The Law of Manifestation works in combination with the Law of Attraction by creating a magnet and drawing the energy of what you’re focusing on to you. Therefore, it’s imperative that you’re crystal-clear about what you want to manifest.

Key tip: Clarity is the key to manifesting your heart’s desires. The ability to manifest is a powerful skill and must only be used for the highest good.

The law of non-attachment

Surrendering and releasing your attachment to the exact outcome you desire can be challenging. This is because, like many people, you may want to control the process. However, detaching yourself from the outcome is a critical element of manifesting your desire.

One of the ways in which we can interfere with this law is to hold on to what we already have, including our money, particularly when there’s an important reason or need to spend it. Holding on to anything, in fact, blocks the free flow of energy in your life.

Mastering the Law of Non-Attachment requires you to have the willingness to believe that the Universe is a place of abundance. This doesn’t mean that you give up all your assets and everything you own. It simply means accepting that the Universe is abundant and that therefore you can create and have what you desire.

Key tip: Someone who has mastered manifestation is detached from the outcome.

The law of prosperity

The first thought that likely comes to mind with this law is financial prosperity. While it does include money, the Law of Prosperity is much broader. Money is simply a representation or symbol of prosperity in our physical world. This law also encompasses a deep sense of abundance and well-being. This includes the belief that the Universe is richly abundant in all ways.

A disempowered mindset is like poor soil; it’s very difficult to grow beautiful plants and vegetables in it.

An important way to activate this law is to nurture your gifts and talents as well as to express your creativity by doing what you love through your life’s work. This includes believing in and trusting yourself and your abilities. By doing so, you create a rich and fertile soil for manifesting your desires.

On the other hand, a disempowered mindset is like poor soil; it’s very difficult to grow beautiful plants and vegetables in it. When you take positive actions toward nurturing the best of who you are, your prosperity will flourish.

Key tip: It doesn’t make you more “spiritual” to keep worrying about money, because doing so blocks you from receiving your good. The most spiritual action you can take with money is to use it wisely and with love.

The law of success

Startup business meeting - Spiritual energy and the almighty dollarYou enact this law when your personal energy resonates with the energy of your desired outcome. This law works closely with the Law of Flow; everything must be in alignment. You can be brought out of alignment when you harbour negative thoughts about yourself and your abilities. Mindset plays an important role in achieving success. In other words, success follows when you believe in yourself.

Key tip: True success comes when you’ve achieved your goals through co-operation and by empowering others in the process. It can also be measured by the meaning and sense of fulfillment that your results bring you.

The law of limitless thinking

Positive thinking, which impacts our reality, health, and well-being, isn’t a new concept. Positive thoughts add to the positive energy of the entire Universe. The opposite is also true: negative thoughts add to negative energy.

A key aspect of manifesting is your willingness and ability to let go of thinking that you’re missing something. Instead, take time to feel grateful for what you’ve already brought into your world. Most of all, joyfully embrace your ability to create, and pursue everything that you want to have and experience in your life. You can do this by being open and willing to let new and positive experiences come to you.

Key tip: Allow yourself to have more than you ever thought possible.

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