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Front cover of book - The Golden SequenceTHE GOLDEN SEQUENCE: A Manual for Reclaiming Our Humanity

Jonni Pollard

[BenBella Books, 200 pages]

The Golden Sequence: A Manual for Reclaiming Our Humanity is a guide that’ll help us reconnect with our natural intuition to cultivate our truths, in order to live a life of fulfillment.

As a society, we’re constantly bombarded with information, discord and negativity that closes our hearts and makes us cynical about the world around us, and uncertain of our life’s purpose. In a society so connected by technology, we’re at the same time more disconnected than ever, but The Golden Sequence shows us a daily practice we can use to regain our humanity.

A teacher of meditation and personal development

The author, Jonni Pollard, is a teacher of meditation and personal development, helping entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities and everyday people. Through his organization (1 Giant Mind), leading mass meditations and his Learn to Meditate app, he has reached thousands of people around the world by teaching them how to meditate and find their purpose within a life of fulfillment.

Australian by birth, Pollard currently lives in New York City. In The Golden Sequence, based on his own life’s journey and years of studying meditation and mindful living, he shares four pillars we can commit our attention to as daily affirmations that will help us live intentionally meaningful lives.

The four pillars

Life is sacred

We’re born with a love of life and a sense of belonging to a greater whole. By maintaining a sense of awareness and a connection to our love of simply existing, we can remind ourselves not only of our own worthiness, but also of our responsibility to nurture life in all its forms and help it flourish. This pillar is our connection to a higher purpose.

Love is our nature

We’re all born with love as our core; it’s our most primal instinct. And love isn’t a separate internal force, but instead, an interconnected state that ties us to everyone and everything in the universe. Love is our relationship to life, and it’s our nature to nourish it.

The cynicism of our modern society has the effect of stifling our natural abilities to love and be compassionate. Recognizing the power of love and connecting to it on a daily basis, however, can help us repair the damage cynicism has wrought.

Wisdom is our power

Through our experiences, our relationships and our natural-born intuition, we all come to possess great wisdom. When we bring awareness to it and trust in its pure intelligence, this can help us not only nurture a sense of belonging within ourselves, but also aid us in sharing this growth and connection with those around us. This type of intuition is formed in our hearts and guts, and defies logic or rational thought—it’s deep-seated truth that resides within all of us.

Fulfillment is our purpose

This fourth pillar is the culmination of all those in The Golden Sequence, and gives rise to our ability to lead meaningful lives. It’s the practice that allows us to live with intention, deliberately steering ourselves on our paths of truth rather than feeling adrift and at the mercy of the flow of life around us. It’s what allows us to reach self-actualization, rather than just surviving in suffering.

For most everyone, a sense of fulfillment involves pursuing what impassions us, which ultimately is related to connection and serving others. But exactly what our purpose is, is something only each of us can define.

Loving service in a world of cynicism and mistrust

Two men picking up trash on Earth Day - The Golden SequenceThrough meditation and adherence to the principles of the Golden Sequence, even in a world full of cynicism and mistrust, we can make a difference in our lives and those of others by asking ourselves, “How I can I be of service in this moment?”

Through this way of thinking, we can elevate our connections with each other and aid in the transformation of our communities and the wider world around us. On this topic, the author relates his wisdom in this short excerpt:

I cannot imagine any greater vision for humanity than a world where each and every human being lives with a profound sense of responsibility to be in loving service to sacredness of life. If you are someone who feels that deep gut calling to be a contributor to the fulfillment of this vision and haven’t made it a priority, now is the time.

In making the commitment to live the knowledge in this book, we have everything we need right now to ignite our power and effect immense progress toward a more unified world. The more each of us commits to connecting to one another, growing within our own convictions, and belonging to the world as a global citizen, the more powerful we become as a collective to transform society and culture.

Generating a sense of loving-kindness

The Golden Sequence by Jonni Pollard is a wonderful read which brought me a sense of loving-kindness towards myself and the world around me. It helped me understand that while self-help books encourage us to reflect on what we are versus what we think we’re supposed to be, we are—at this moment—full of love, wisdom and the ability to find fulfillment in our lives already.

But reading a book and then continuing on with our previous routines won’t help us connect with our true nature and the world around us—it’s only through daily practice and awareness of the book’s principles that we can begin to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

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