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Front cover of book - Everything is here to help youEVERYTHING IS HERE TO HELP YOU: A Loving Guide to Your Soul’s Evolution

Matt Kahn

[Hay House Inc., 224 pages]

Everything is Here to Help You is an inspirational and helpful book that guides the reader through the process of shifting out of the Ego’s perspective and into the Soul’s point of view.

The author, Matt Kahn, is a spiritual teacher and empathic healer who’s widely known for his uplifting and amusing YouTube videos—these videos help and support spiritual seekers and are based on his own experiences of awakening.

WAR and ARE: Two important acronyms

In Everything is Here to Help You, Kahn articulately shares with the reader that the Ego focuses on Worry, Anticipation and Regret (WAR). Spawned from our fight, flight or freeze survival instincts, the Ego uses WAR to decipher the world around it and doesn’t trust in the Divine. But through the practice of Awareness and Resolution, we’re able to achieve Expansion (ARE).

In this book, his latest, the author shares his wisdom in order to help us grow spiritually. If we practice being mindful and aware of our own Ego’s tendencies, as well as the tendencies of the people around us—and do so with respect and balance—we can help our Souls journey towards ever-higher vibrations.

Times of adversity are gifts

Kahn teaches that times of adversity are gifts that allow our Souls to expand; our Souls don’t see these moments as painful, but as paths to transcendence, a means of spiritual growth.

By learning to see our struggles as intuitive messages, a life that once seemed insufferable can be seen for its true nature—as a journey along our path to the revelation and expansion of the Soul.

It’s not just our own suffering that we can process, but that of the people around us who are also processing their own experiences. Kahn believes that even adversities that seem to repeatedly come up in our lives are actually gifts of Soul expansion, because these iterations allow us to attain higher and higher perspectives as we become aware of aspects we weren’t able to process the first time around.

When we trust that everything is here to help us, each situation that involves suffering is an indication that healing is underway.

4 fundamentals of self-love

In Everything is Here to Help You, Kahn brings the reader through what he calls the four fundamentals of self-love, which are imperative to nurturing the Soul’s progression. These fundamentals are described as Space, Time, Breath and Rest. When observed and practiced, they aid in the unravelling of the Ego and the raising of the Soul’s vibrations.

Kahn also offers, among other guidance, “Repeat after me” exercises that can help us heal by living with intention and lightening our energy fields. Moreover, his book contains exercises such as the “Star-seed Clearing,” which is to be used to help clear our energy fields and awaken them to the light of Source energy; and “Being Myself,” with a purpose of helping us integrate the activations brought forth by the preceding exercise.

Throughout the book, the author provides gentle and inspiring guidance as to how to help our Egos make way for our Souls, so that we can raise our energy vibrations towards spiritual transcendence. This style of guidance is exemplified in the following short excerpt:

Because everything is here to help you, life is a matter of developing the worth to request the fulfillment of each desire, while allowing your highest wisdom to reveal exactly what you need to venture to your next highest level of consciousness. All too often, people aren’t disempowered by their current circumstances but stifled by a depth of unworthiness that waits for desires to manifest, in order to feel safe enough to ask. Even when asking for what you want and not getting it, through the grace of a surrendered heart, you may discover a joy untouched by gains and losses that expands within you the more you speak your desires without attachment to outcome.

Human yet divine

Silhouette of woman dancing in clouds - Everything is here to help youKahn reassures the reader that we’re all human and yet Divine, no matter how far a path we’ve travelled or what stage we’re at in our Soul’s journey. Our mission here on Earth is to raise our collective vibrations through heart-centred consciousness.

Kahn reminds us that since we were born out of love and perfection, we’re meant to return to this same state of love and perfection, regardless of how imperfect our Egos make life seem.

Within his book, Kahn does a wonderful job of explaining our purpose and how we can ease the influence of our Egos to make way for our Souls. From back to front, Everything is Here to Help You is truly an inspirational and uplifting title.

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