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There’s a concept that must be grasped by humans if they’re to evolve, exponentially, in the future. It’s that mind is everywhere, and consciousness is in everything.

Your mind isn’t limited to your head. Effectively, you can think with any part of yourself. What does your heart tell you to do in any given situation? What does your gut instinct say to you? What does your intuition—your third eye—tell you? How does the decision you’re making sit with your liver, your spleen and maybe even your sexual organs?

Thoughts are real; they’re things. Recognizing this can help us attain a better understanding of what constitutes “mind” and “consciousness.”

The mind triangle

Diagram of the mind triangle - Mind and consciousness

Diagram of all the levels of the mind triangle

Mind is split into three basic parts: conscious, subconscious and superconscious. We can describe the conscious mind as the state of living in the waking, physical world, which is governed by the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

This world is a finite one, and it’s where most humans choose to live. The world where they can physically see, hear, smell, touch and taste is a world they can be sure of and know. But they’re missing out, big time! There’s so much more.

The real you—the “soul” you—resides in your subconscious mind. This part of the mind never sleeps. You get an inkling of that fact when you go to bed at night and dream, because you dream within the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is made up of four parts: emotional, lower astral, upper astral and mental. These are the inner levels of mind. Just as you have a waking conscious mind, you also have an “inner you” that’s constantly in dialogue with yourself, constantly giving you messages.

The physical and emotional bodies

The subconscious aspect that’s closest to the physical is the emotional body. Your conscious thoughts affect you, emotionally, the most.

Take, for example, the emotion of embarrassment. Something embarrasses you and, almost in spite of yourself, you can’t stop yourself from going red in the face. You don’t have to say anything to give the game away: it’s literally written on your face. This is a good example of the emotional mind affecting you at the physical level.

Your emotional balance and well-being can have a profound effect on your day-to-day life. Negative emotions such as worry and regret can have a strong influence on your overall state of mind. The solution is to recognize the power of now: this moment moving into the next moment, and so on. Eckhart Tolle has written the definitive work on this subject, appropriately titled The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, so I don’t wish to add to his wisdom. The gist of the process is to always live in the moment, because that’s all there is! It’s no good perpetuating negative thoughts, as they’ll only waste your energy and undermine your health.

The astral planes

The next two levels of the subconscious mind are the lower and upper astral planes. Between these levels of mind are the Akashic records, a compilation of the soul existence of every human who has ever lived. Those few people who have mastered the ability to travel into various levels of the subconscious mind at will can access the Akasha and give you a past-life reading.

Mind as “matter” is less dense in the inner levels, but infinitely more powerful. The deeper you go into the subconscious mind, the less defined are the “pictures.” You’ll get the best overall meaning of this statement by looking at your dreams. In the astral levels, dreams play out in ever-lightening pastel colours, while at the mental level, all your dreams will be in white, although you’ll be able to discern shape and form.

Your dream-state will also give you an inkling of how you exist in the subconscious mind after you die. Mind, once outside of any physical attachment, is free to express itself in a far larger environment. You can enjoy the inner levels of the mind while in your physical body, however, by exploring within yourself through meditation, astral travelling and other spiritual practices.

The mental level of the subconscious mind

The highest (or deepest) level of the subconscious mind is the mental level. This is the area of the mind where the seeds of your conscious desires are sown. This is the greatest area of interconnection between souls, both living and “dead.” So, when you make a wish, and follow up with action on that wish at the physical level, know that all sorts of help is being provided for you at the mental level of the mind. Your spirit guides, your deceased family members and dearly departed friends—your angels, if you like—are all watching over you and aiding you to manifest your innermost desires in the physical realm.

Attuning to the superconscious mind

After the mental level, there’s a bridge that separates subconscious mind and superconscious mind. The soul’s objective is to align the conscious and subconscious minds, and then attune to the superconscious mind to access the levels of causal and Christ/Cosmic/Buddha consciousness. In simple terms, this is living in your kingdom of heaven. Jesus, who became Christ—an enlightened soul—in his lifetime, gave us the biggest clue to this “secret.” He said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”

Getting to know yourself as a soul

UC Davis community garden volunteers - Mind and consciousnessTaking into account the information above, the ultimate purpose of life is to know yourself as a soul. Once you grasp that concept, you’ll realize that you’ve been given various talents in this lifetime. It’s a good thing to ask yourself, at this stage, “What do I really love to do?” or “What really makes my heart sing?” Then, be honest with yourself: Do you do those things every day? If the answer is yes, then you’re probably a long way down the road to finding your kingdom of heaven.

You can’t deny the wonderful kickback of well-being that comes with soul-level work or service, when you’re aware of the benefits you’re offering to others and are also receiving the richest of rewards within yourself.

If, however, you said no, then you must start to use your talents and do the things that really please you as a soul. Often, these activities will involve direct or indirect service to others. This is called “sacred Selfish (soul-self) service.” You can’t deny the wonderful kickback of well-being that comes with soul-level work or service, when you’re aware of the benefits you’re offering to others and are also receiving the richest of rewards within yourself.

Now, when you’ve reached this state of relative nirvana, imagine being attuned to the highest reaches of mind—that level attained by all the ascended masters. Wow! Things are happening as quickly as you’re thinking about them. You’re quite simply living in vertical time. The normal humdrum nature of horizontal time is displaced by a far more dynamic feeling of time. You think of something … and it manifests. You think of someone all day, someone you haven’t seen for ages, and when you get home that night, bingo! They’re on the phone to you! You’re both tuned in to vertical time (some call it “non-local” consciousness), and the vibrational frequency simply can’t be overlooked.

The universe is an incredibly abundant place, so when you start living as one with all the universal laws, you’ll experience the mind in all its glory. As you think about something you want, it’ll manifest almost at once, and it’ll be effortless! Remember that Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all else shall be added unto you.”

So, seek that part of your soul-self that yearns for fulfillment, and concentrate on that in your life. Involve all the people you know in your “dream” and watch the magic ensue. Once you’ve started, all sorts of things will happen, some of them things that you hadn’t even imagined!

Live your dream. Utilize all of your potential. Realize the magic of accessing and utilizing all aspects of mind.

A note on the timelessness of consciousness

Woman pointing at third eye on forehead - Mind and consciousnessThe journey of the soul is, as mentioned above, one of developing consciousness. Consciousness is in everything, not just the head. Humans think at many levels—with the brain, with the heart, with intuition, with or without feelings and so on. Everything in creation is mind. Everything is derived from thought. Thought directed by intelligence is the most powerful force in the universe.

Mind has been described thus: it’s the substance by which the soul is given the chance to experience existence in the physical world. Is the concept of God linked here? You bet! God is made of the same substance, which permeates all consciousness. God is consciousness. Consciousness is God.

Anodea Judith, an authority on the chakras and consciousness, states that, “The intelligence of Creation itself—the realm of Divine Mind—is the Universal Consciousness that is the Source of All.” And further, she asserts, “From the One to the many, and the many to the One, We (humans) are the Rainbow Bridge between the Worlds.”

An analogy using speed 

The speed of soundabout 750 miles (or 1,200 km) per hour
The speed of light186,000 miles (or 300,000 km) per second
The speed of thoughtinstant

A human can have a thought, any thought, and it can be received anywhere in the universe (not just planet Earth) at the instant it’s thought. There’s no barrier and no friction to hold back the power of thought. Consciousness is timeless.

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Andrew Shaw
image 1: istolethetv via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons BY); image 2: UC Davis Arboretum and Community Garden (Creative Commons BY-SA)
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