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Hi Aneta.

I had a somewhat disturbing dream last night.

Everything within it happened at nighttime. I was in my own backyard, which was much bigger than it is in real life.

There was something chaotic going on. I saw my youngest brother carrying large birds in his hands, and those birds were deeply suffering. He was very attached to them.

I knelt next to him and told him he must kill a bird to end the suffering. I observed how he strangled the bird while crying.

Somebody then offered me a handful of Tarot cards and I pulled one out. I didn’t recognize this card, but it displayed a picture of a great fire and a dark tunnel.

The end of the dream took place in a bookstore. I was trying to get one book that’s extremely important to me when I heard cries and screams, and I saw my brother screaming like someone was torturing him. I took him in my arms like a baby and carried him out, leaving the book behind.

I woke up confused and deeply affected by this dream.


DREAMER: Female, 25, Ireland


Backyard — subconscious existence

Brother — inner, familiar aspect of the dreamer

Birds — compulsive thoughts in subconscious mind

Hands — purpose

Tarot cards — tool for interpretation of energies

Fire — expansion

Dark tunnel — passage into unknown

Bookstore — place which stores information

Book — information


Hi Oleander,

Thank you for sharing your dream.

Let me interpret it by using the Universal Language of Mind©. This will help me pass on the message from your subconscious mind that your dream conveys.

The dream’s main subject matter is your inner subconscious mind. As you read above what the symbols represent, you’ll see that the three main symbols—backyard, brother and birds—all are related to your subconscious mind.

Your dream is wanting you to pay attention to your habitual and compulsive thought patterns (birds). It’s also calling your attention to an aspect within you that’s symbolized by your brother. This is a quality that you’re familiar with. This aspect is greatly connected with transformation (killing) of the compulsive thoughts (birds).

Commonly, Tarot cards are used to interpret the current circumstances of a person and to provide guidance for the future. In your dream, I’d interpret the guidance as expansion (fire) and movement into the unknown (tunnel).

In the final part of the dream, you’re seeking information (a very important book) in a place in your own mind where information is stored (bookstore). You never end up finding that important piece of information, as you’re called to rescue that inner part of you that your brother represents.


If it were my dream, I’d want to ponder deeply what my brother would symbolize to me in this dream. It’s a very important quality that he represents to you, and this quality is quite deterring at this time.

Please note that this quality can only be determined by you, the dreamer, and this is based on your own perception and doesn’t need to hold true for others. The quality might also be temporary and evolve with time.

Presently, however, it’s a quality that’s consuming you inwardly. In addition, there are compulsive thoughts attached to it (birds) which you know need to be transformed (killed). Due to this quality, you’re also distracted from finding out a very important piece of information (the bookstore scene).

Since every dream is about the dreamer, it’s you who realizes that these compulsive thoughts must be stopped, so it’s up to you to realize what habitual ways of thinking and being they symbolize. The key is to review your daily activities from a day or two prior to this dream in order to determine exactly what the thoughts represent.

This dream is telling you that it’s time to transform this inner quality your brother represents. There’s a need for inward action that you’re being called to so you can free yourself from a way of being that’s not serving you anymore.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image via Pixabay