Grey skies hide in the corner of my eye,
I am thirsty.
Hunched forward
to duck branches of trees,
I peer through the forest, and
almost see the horizon.
Out beyond the pines and their shadows,
further up the slope of the mountain, is a magical lake.
I’ve been there before.
I’ve seen my reflection in its waters.
I’ve witnessed this reflection vanish
—and at once, my dreams took to the sky—
but fell back to Earth. One day
a dream will take flight,
it will become a god’s dream,
and whole other worlds
will be constructed
so that it may have life. I am thirsty.

One Day

May I listen to my heart
and hear silence.
May I empty my soul
in the pursuit of peace.
Earth is wrought
with wars and solemn prayers.
But its very essence speaks
of the stillness of my faith.
It is your stillness, too.
May we then be vagrants;
may we fall from grace;
may we, that much more,
oppose evil. Our prayers
could speak truth,
and violence cease.

Nakedness on Ice

An image of a naked man sliding on ice
—it seems hard for my mind to penetrate.
But this was the image offered
by my horoscope.
And I’m attempting
to welcome this image into my soul;
as such, this poem is an attempt
at manifesting spiritual awareness
from the abstract.
And maybe, a naked man sliding on ice is
symbolic of just such a manifestation … screw it.
I came to this café to write a poem, anyway.

I Still Will

No soul but of god—
all things natural and good
—are as one as all.

About Matti Salminen: I’ve had very little in the way of a formal education, but having had mentors, who helped me to move faster towards acquiring the skills and knowledge I needed to write well, have been fortunate in the most profound way. I’ve literally turned my life around in the process of becoming a writer.
image: Dark Lake Reflection via Shutterstock