Humanity’s Team, The Association for Global New Thought, the Shift Network and various other movements emphasizing human unity are very much in the spiritual spotlight these days. The current and widespread awakening to the essential Oneness of human beings is well worth acknowledging and celebrating. Quoting from the stated purpose of Humanity’s Team: Humanity’s Team is an international spiritual movement whose purpose is to communicate and demonstrate the timeless truth that We Are All One, with God and life—caring for each other and the world we share—so that people’s actions reflect this profound understanding within a generation.”

But the time also seems right for a keener recognition and appreciation of diversity, of “manyness,” of the magnificent differentiation of life particularly evident among and within human beings. You’re probably acquainted with the principle of the prism. White light passing through this transparent and often crystalline form is distributed into the primary colours from which all other colours are derived. I often find the prism analogy useful in illustrating the distinction between the core or essential being of a person and the outer form (the physical, mental and emotional equipment) which the person has to perceive and express with on Earth.

In other words, each of us may be thought of as a prism. The reality that we’re in essence is comparable to the white light, and the complex of physical, mental and emotional characteristics that we have by virtue of existing in form on Earth is comparable to the assortment of colours made possible by the prism. It may be seen from this that while in essence we are One, i.e. all partake of the white light, in existence  we are many, i.e. each differentiates the white light into a vast and unique array of colours.

Using an astrological model as part of a workshop I developed several years ago to visually illustrate this, twelve individuals, each representing one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, stand in a circle around a large white pyramid, which represents the undifferentiated life source. To symbolize unity in the whole the twelve first converge into the smallest possible circle around the pyramid, appearing from a distance to be one body. Then each individual is given a large coloured card bearing the astrological symbol of the sign he or she represents. The colour of each card corresponds to the traditional sign-colour associations as follows:

Aries – redLibra – pale blue or pink
Taurus – pink or pale blueScorpio – maroon
Gemini – yellowSagittarius – purple
Cancer – smoky grayCapricorn – black or dark green
Leo – orangeAquarius – electric blue
Virgo – navy blue, dark gray or brownPisces – soft sea-green

The coloured cards are prominently displayed as the circle expands to represent the differentiation of the spiritual source into the material colourations of human existence. Finally each individual steps forward in turn and recites the dominant qualities of character and areas of service associated with the sign in question. This simple demonstration is intended to make the vast potential inherent in the One and now evident in the Many more easily seen and appreciated by all present. It’s essentially a celebration of unity and diversity.

Incidentally, recent discoveries and developments in science would seem to suggest that the general scientific climate is becoming increasingly favourable to traditional astrological assumptions: that reality is basically vibrational in character and the objects even at great spatial distances from each other are intimately connected and influence each other in a variety of ways. The traditional view that physical reality basically consists of disparate and static particles that behave according to unchanging and predictable laws is giving way to an approach which emphasizes the fluidity, interconnectedness and dynamic character of reality.

Author Marilyn Ferguson recognized this many years ago, as is evident in her fascinating chapter on science in The Aquarian Conspiracy: “Matter has only a ‘tendency to exist.’ There are no things, only connections, only relationships.” Holography, a relatively new branch of science, posits a world in which everything is connected in a dimension transcending time and space. As one researcher puts it: “There isn’t any there.”

I like the way it’s summed up in this sentence from The Compleat Astrologer, a popular encyclopedia of astrological science: “The universe, whether at the cosmic, biological or molecular level, is a complex of waveforms whose periodicity may range from nanoseconds to millions of years; and objects, events, people, nations and even planetary systems may be linked together in ways incomprehensible in terms of traditional astronomy and physics, but explicitly discoverable through astrology.”

The vibrational character of reality, the interconnectedness of all being, the beautiful music of the spheres created by the interplay of planets and constellations—one is not likely to find much mention of these things in a college physics textbook. Nor does the average primer on psychology account for human personality differences on the basis of planetary influences though some psychologists, most notably Carl Jung, have found astrological investigations helpful. I’m delighted that the widespread awakening to Oneness and the possibilities of renewal and transformation is accompanied by an awakening to the fundamental truths of the divine science of astrology, once referred to as “the Science of Mazzaroth.”

The intricate marvel called a soul reveals a stellar design; the human personality is formed in part of cosmic clay, the invisible yet ultimately real substance of the spheres. So in these days of celebrating the wonder, glory and beauty of unity, shall we not also celebrate the individual differences that make our togetherness such a delightful and unending adventure?

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image: galaxy eye via Shutterstock