Excerpted from Light Atonement by Ariyana ~a star child~, the story of an ordinary woman’s transition to life as an awakened spiritual healer, and the triumphs and challenges she encounters along the way. 

There are many paths to enlightenment. Be sure to take one with a heart. – Lao Tzu

In July of 2011, I found a healer who gave guided spiritual tours of Mount Shasta. I decided to take my son with me and make it a mother/son trip. He was then 13 years old, and I thought he was ready for such a spiritual journey. I’d read that the entire area of Mount Shasta was a vortex that included a fifth-dimensional city named Telos, which was underneath the mountain itself. It has been said that, when Lemuria was submerged and destroyed, its inhabitants moved a few of its important temples and people beneath Mount Shasta. Many people believed this myth to be true, and I was ready to find out for myself. I always asked Kyle [psychic] what I should expect from my trips. At this point in my life, every trip had meaning beyond the ordinary—there was also something to learn or an ability to gain. On this trip to Mount Shasta, Kyle looked into my future and told me that I was going to meet beings whom I would channel in the future. More excited than surprised, I anticipated that the trip might provide me with a breakthrough.

Here on Earth, we live in a third-dimensional existence. At the fifth-dimensional level, there is no physical embodiment. The island of Lemuria was said to be the sister island of Atlantis, and my reading and experiences taught me that beings from star planets such as Pleiades and Sirius came to Earth and used these islands to help humans. Lemuria was thought to have existed somewhere in the South Pacific, around New Zealand, and Atlantis was thought to be found somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mount Shasta is a sleepy little town, much smaller than Sedona. My son and I met the healer, Terry, at her downtown office. Terry first drove us to a lake. We sat by the edge of the water, and she told us to close our eyes and talk to our higher selves. After five minutes of meditation, Terry asked us what our higher selves had said. When my son readily relayed that his higher self had told him that he was pleased to see him at Mount Shasta and hoped he had a good day, I was astonished at his facility. It had taken me months before I could even get a feeling of what my higher self was saying, and it had only taken my son five minutes. I was so happy for him. I then told Terry what I felt my higher self had said—be open, learn and enjoy new experiences—and she agreed that this was excellent advice for me. Once again, it seemed I was meeting with another healer who could see and speak with these higher beings. The three of us went to a few more sacred spots and vortices within the greater vortex of Mount Shasta to meditate. At one of these sacred spots, I actually saw my higher self for the first time. This self was tall, angelic and dressed completely in white; encountering this higher self was mystical and fulfilling.

White angel - Transformative trip to Mount Shasta

Terry was quite taken with my son. She pulled me aside and told me that his higher self had told her not to interfere with him, as he was taking care of my son himself. She also said that my son could be a very powerful healer when he grew up, if he wanted to, and that he would be able to move objects through the power of his mind or intentions.

About halfway through our adventure, Terry asked me if she could check my aura. When she did, she was stunned to see that there was a huge scar on my back. She said that I carried so much love, and had such an open heart, she couldn’t believe that I would carry something like that with me. She told me that it was from Tim, and that I was still bearing his spiritual attack. She worked on my aura and healed the scar. All of this was after I had been working with Mako on a monthly basis, cutting ties with the people who had been taking my energy. In fact, it took another year of working with many different healers for Mako to finally say that my aura didn’t need adjusting, that I was strong and centred enough to learn how to return to wholeness on my own.

On our last stop, we went deep into the mountain and stopped in a small clearing for a visualization exercise. Terry told us that the clearing was where we could be transported down into Telos in a transparent elevator. Terry explained that not everyone is able to take this journey, but that we had received permission. She said that once we reached Telos, our family members would greet us and take us to their home. The three of us sat down and began meditating. As I visualized leaving my body and going down in the transparent elevator, I saw everything around me dissolving into ocean. For a few seconds, I seemed suspended in flight above the water. Then I arrived at what looked like the inside of a large spaceship. Before me stood several aliens who watched me closely. One of them came forward and spoke to me as if he was saying “welcome.” They all had big, bold heads with large black eyes. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming, but as I was looking around the spaceship, I heard Terry ask my son and me if we were done.

I was in disbelief at what had just happened. But when I opened my eyes, I had a strange feeling that anything is possible at Mount Shasta. As much as my experience was very out of this world, sharing it with Terry and my son made it real and acceptable. I somehow knew they would understand me and listen to my story without any judgment.

Terry asked us to share what we perceived. My son went first and related his experience. He said that he had gone down into Telos, and that, once he was there, a tall, blonde person had taken him to his home. It was very interesting to me that my son had never heard of Telos or Lemuria, yet his description of the person he’d met was exactly like what I’d read about in books. After that, Terry looked at me, and asked how my trip had went. I told her that instead of going down into Telos, I went through the ocean and to a spaceship. Terry closed her eyes, and said this was what she saw as well. She asked me what the aliens had said, and I told her that I hadn’t been able to understand them. Then Terry asked me to close my eyes once more, and to go back to where I’d just come from, saying that she would come with me. I was hesitant, fearing that once again I would fail to understand what they were trying to communicate. But I overcame my anxiety and closed my eyes, and I was in the spaceship again. This time, I was told that these aliens were my family members, and that they were always with me. They explained that they were in my heart, and, as they did so, I felt it grow very warm. When I returned to Mount Shasta, tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I knew that what was being told to me was true. I felt the love they shared with me deeply. It was as if I had been yearning to meet them for a long time, and now that we had met, we would be connected forever.

Ariyana was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She moved to the United States at the age of 18 to attend the University of Southern California. It was there that she met her ex-husband, with whom she built a multimillion-dollar furniture business from scratch. After a series of revelations through meditation, and with the help of psychics and healers, Ariyana connected with her life’s purpose. She quit her position as president of the furniture company, and, with the help of her cosmic family, has become a healer and consultant. She lives in Los Angeles, with her two children.

Excerpt courtesy of Prospecta Press and Ariyana ~ a star child ~. Light Atonement copyright (c) 2015 by Ariyana ~a star child~ LLC. For further information, contact info@prospectapress.com.

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