Traditional mind control techniques, as purported by the creative minds of Hollywood, bring up pictures of gypsy women staring into crystal balls, or mad scientists holding patients captive and running electric currents through them in a bid to unlock the full potential of their brains.

An alternative approach to “mind control”

Much like Deepak Chopra, Rudolph Tanzi, Napoleon Hill, and Sigmund Freud, I believe that all human beings have the ability to access the full power of their brains. Throughout my approach, I treat the brain as a supercomputer. Many people will go through life, happy and fulfilled, with just a working computer, but there are some among us who aren’t quite satisfied with this. With the techniques that I’ve learned, I’m here to teach computer programming. I’m here to show you how to access hidden parts of that big juicy brain, and consequently, allow yourself to live life with increased confidence and awareness.

To begin with, I’ve introduced beginner tutorials to those I teach; for instance, “How to keep and hold a powerful gaze,” and “The ability to change your emotional state at will.” This is training that will allow you to walk into a room and be aware of every miniscule detail. All the basic tutorials then become a base as we work on greater memory recall, deeper emotional control and accurate situational maneuvering. Once you master these three techniques, you can then create the kind of life in which you’re confident in every situation.

Colour mantra

Let’s go through one of my favourite beginner tutorials, which I call the “Colour Mantra.” This exercise will help you control your mood and reach a state of elation and deep relaxation.

» With your eyes open or closed, imagine a certain colour: red, yellow or orange.

Red, orange, and yellow paper - Unlocking the mind's power

» Concentrate on this colour for one minute.

» Take a one-minute break.

» Repeat this process two more times.

» Do this three times daily, for a week. When you feel ready, increase your concentration time to two minutes, and try to reach five minutes as an ultimate goal.

Quite soon, you’ll find that that imagining red, orange or yellow provokes a feeling of warmth that, in turn, creates an energizing effect.

Alternatively, green and blue create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Purple creates a feeling of centredness, which is necessary when you need to protect your energy field against an aggressive emotional attack.

As you imagine it, each colour will recall a particular memory. Not only will thinking about the colour quiet your mind, but it will also create a neurobiological response that is attached to that memory. For instance, when you think of blue, you may remember the feeling you get when you’re swimming in the ocean (or another body of water).

All colours prompt a general therapeutic response, but each individual interprets that response in accordance with their own personal experiences. Therefore, as you practice the “Colour Mantra” daily, you’ll find it easier and easier to stabilize your emotional compass based on what you desire each day or in each moment.

Olessia Kantor is the founder of Enigma Life, a brand new tool designed to change the way you experience life. Olessia uses her unique background and masterful storytelling skills to evoke conversation, engage the mind and transform the way you think and feel.
image 1: rainbow of lights via Shutterstock; image 2: Abstract red, orange and yellow waves via Shutterstock