U Shein Sayargyi has been using the centuries old tradition of alchemy to produce gold ash powder, a remedy that he claims “is able to improve significantly or even heal serious diseases like hepatitis, cancer, and AIDS.” He’s thoroughly tested his remedy over several years in his own practice and through sales of the product to other health practitioners and individuals.

Alchemy process

Swarna Bhasma, the calcined powder of gold, has a long history of use in Ayurveda, India’s ancient healing system. According to Dr. Ch. Murali Manohar, author of Ayurveda for All, “It is useful in tuberculosis, diabetes, anemia, edema, epilepsy, skin diseases, general debility, asthma, and heart afflictions.” In Ayurveda the seven dhaatus (metals)—gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, and zinc—are considered essential elements of the body. Any excess or deficiency of these dhaatus causes illness, which is why these metals are common ingredients in Ayurvedic remedies.

With all the concern about heavy metal toxicity, it may seem odd that metals are used as a healing remedy. To ensure the substance’s purity, Sayargyi takes the product through a complex 22-year process that involves melting gold and other metals together more than 100 times, mixing the substance with energy-packed foods and storing it for many years before being dried out. The final product, Sayargyi claims on his website, only contains trace metals that have completely lost their toxic effects.

How it works

Since gold ash powder is created through a combination of material, spiritual, and secret alchemical techniques, the healing process is induced by a number of factors working synergistically: the healing properties of the metals, the four elements and the effect of time.

“Within one year all cells in your body are completely remade. Gold ash powder penetrates every single cell of the body, and supports and accelerates this process,” Sayargyi says. “The main difference between modern medicine and gold ash powder is that it is auto-reactive. When something is unwanted in your body it will be removed. When something is lacking it will be completed.”

Sayargyi says that gold ash powder has no side effects and it’s not possible to overdose on it, which in this sense, makes it comparable to homeopathic remedies. The gentle substance is safe to ingest, even for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, children and animals.

U Shein Sayargyi

As a result of suffering injuries while in the army, Sayargyi underwent a personal crisis. At the age of 36 he had a dream that he was summoned to a pilgrimage site in Myanmar by a hermit sage. He visited the cave where the hermit initiated him and passed on his supernatural healing powers.

“My art of healing is deeply embedded in Buddhist philosophy and worldview and the belief in spirits and angels called devas.” Sayargyi says. “I was now instructed by my devas to also heal with herbal remedies and to start to develop gold ash powder. The composition and exact process of the production was given to me by my devas.”

Sayargyi founded his healing clinic in 1966 in Yangon, Myanmar. Patients come from as far away as Europe for medical treatment and advice from the healer-sage. As a doctor trained in western medicine, he successfully treated strokes, heart attacks, paralysis, HIV, and lung cancer. “I experienced success that was previously unknown and unimaginable to me,” he says.

With the body’s cells completely changing on a regular basis all that’s needed to heal are the right conditions. Gold ash powder merges the material and spiritual realms providing those right conditions for healing.

To order gold ash powder or to book an appointment with U Shein Sayargyi, visit www.gold-ash-powder.com. To learn more about gold ash powder and U Shein Sayargyi watch Healing Magic documentary: Journey into Myanmar`s Healing Tradition.

image: Eddi van W. via Compfight cc