Inspire YourSelf: Guided Journal

Inspire YourSelf: Guided Journal

ISBN: 978-1773800530

Paperback, 384 pages

March 2018


Self-guided, interactive journal with daily affirmations, self-care tips, and writing prompts to reflect on what you need each day.

Inspire YourSelf invites you to decide on a topic to reflect on each day based on how you feel, what you need or what you aspire to. Each page offers an insightful quote from writers, artists and visionaries who have changed the world, plus a writing prompt and an affirmation or self-care tip to remind you to take care of yourself. There’s space to keep track of where your path has taken you, and to check in with yourself throughout the year. Get to know yourself and your world a little better.

You should pick this journal up and you should write in it because you have a rich, complex inner life and you live in a crazy world that gets out of hand sometimes. Probably you might need some writing prompts to help get you started and some amazing quotes by people whose words deserve to be quoted forever. And maybe some affirmations and self-care tips because we all need to do a much better job at taking care of ourselves.

This journal is here to provide you with those things, but in a unique, choose-your-own-adventure kind of way that you will only fully discover if you pick up the journal! You are about to learn all kinds of great things about yourself and we are super excited about it. Have fun, be safe, feel all the feels, write all the thoughts, live all the good things you can think of.

Daily affirmations journal topics: 

If you’re looking for any of these things, Inspire YourSelf has got you covered:

» Affirmations – affirmations notebook, positive affirmations book, affirmations planner, affirmations of self-healing
» Journaling & drawing – self-discovery journal, affirmations journal, writing journal, drawing journal
» Self-care – self-care hacks, self-care journal, self-care activities
» Quotes – inspirational quotes, motivational quotations, words of wisdom

This book features:

» Daily self-care tips, affirmations and quotes
» Daily writing and drawing prompts
» Self-assessment and feelings tracker
» Journaling pages
» 384 pages

Ten percent of book sales go towards enabling youth in developing countries to access better educational opportunities. This money is being donated to Build to Learn, an initiative started by The Mindful Word.
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