Love Tranfusion

Sometimes I live in the grey,
unable to decide if everything’s alright.
My mind knows what the past looks like,
I can’t look back, I know inside.
I feel called to the great ocean,
I feel small when my fear’s forgiven.
I don’t know how, but somehow I’m living.
In every word, I find my heaven,
In every line, I know my mission.
No need for signs or new decisions,
I’m at the gate where god can listen.
I’ll be the spark to ignite and christen,
I’ll be the pump for heart transfusions.
I won’t look back, I know my mission,
I’ve come to rise and free each person.

One in Love

The old will die,
as children rise.
My Dear, our love
will transcend time.
Years will pass,
and memories lie.
Our love’s eternal,
outside of time.
Unspoken words,
can sit inside.
A darkened heart,
can lose its light.
My Dear, there’s
never need for fright,
our love is one
when we unite.

Swallowed in Surrender

Unburdened and unbroken,
this heart has words unspoken.
I found the path worth walking,
down in the belly of the serpent.
Swallowed in my anger,
digested in my shame.
I was drowning in
the puddle of my tears,
just washed away.
But I never stopped my searching,
and I knew that things could change.
My Dear, I spent so many days,
just wishing death away.
When we met, I learned surrender,
the road between two souls.
I’ll never stop this journey home,
My Dear, I’m letting go.

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