A synchronicity is a moment when we perceive the mystery of life.

A pupil approached his master and asked:
“Sir, can the spiritual path and the ownership of money be reconciled?”
The master replied:
“As long as one does not think he owns the money and gives freely of it to the poor.”

Streams of awareness
Flow through fertile valleys
To quench thirsty souls.

“Hell” is one’s choice to live in the plane of negative vibrations.
“Heaven” is one’s choice to live in the plane of positive vibrations.

What is peace?
Freedom from attachment
Surrender to the moment
Faith in the great web of being.

Love transcends death
And God is love.

The power of Mother Nature:
Thrills our senses
Stills our minds
And fills our hearts
With an all-pervading love
That speaks through the silence.

The mountains stand with the wisdom
Of 10,000 sages
Yet, we turn to politicians and religious leaders to solve life’s problems!

A child sat with her grandfather and asked him to share some life advice
The grandfather chuckled and replied:
“Always live with the spirit of a child!”

Nothing in this world belongs to you
Not your money
Not your possessions
Not your land
Not even this body….
The temple of your soul.

It’s easy to learn how to trust
Much harder to cultivate gratitude
Even more difficult to practice true compassion
But the most challenging thing of all is to have self-acceptance.

The greatest tragedy in life
Is not that we’ll die
But that we might pass on
Without attaining wisdom.

Those who dislike the cold but love the warmth
Will never appreciate the sunny months of summer
Those who compulsively speak but refuse to listen
Will find that their words fall on deaf ears
Those who embrace their life but push death away
Will never fully grasp the pure joy of living.

A great master descended upon a village
And ecstatic seekers gathered from all corners of the region to hear her speak.
The master cleared her throat and shared her wisdom:
“The sun shines by day. The moon shines by night. Birds fly in the sky. Animals hunt on the ground below. And the world turns. Yet, many search far and wide for proof of miracles.”

The currents of your soul are like being reborn in realms beyond form.

The Prince of Birth and the Prince of Death
Contended in the darkness.
The Prince of Death announced:
“I am the culmination and window into the beyond. Therefore, I am more important!”
The Prince of Birth retorted:
“You may be the window into the beyond, but I am the inception point and the rite of passage back into the wisdom of form. Therefore, I am more important!”
In response, Brahman broke into laughter at the audacious claims of his two devotees
And playfully declared:
“Birth is such. Death is such. Birth or death, what’s the fuss?”

A disciple approached his master and asked:
“Venerable One, what is Emptiness?”
The master smiled warmly and pointed his finger
At jagged snow?capped peaks, off in the distance
The disciple bowed and began walking
In the direction of the glorious mountains
Then suddenly, he froze in terror as a mighty cougar
Crossed his path
The disciple shot a frightful look at his master
Who now calmly stood, pointing his finger at the wild being
After a few tense moments, the cougar slowly walked away
And the master lowered his finger
Bewildered, the disciple inquired of the sage once more:
“But I thought you said the mountains were emptiness?
How can the cougar be it, too?”
The master smiled and again pointed his finger
But this time at his disciple’s feet
The disciple looked down, and then back up
Only to see the same cougar cross his path again.
He turned in horror and ran as fast as his feet would carry him!
When the cougar was finally out of sight, the disciple stopped to catch his breath
And attained instant enlightenment!

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image: Pixabay

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