The Big 5 Love Commitments

(Love yourself, do what makes you happy, trust your intuition, follow your yes and be with your truth)

I make these loving commitments
With all my heart

I commit to wholeheartedly loving myself first,
And from that place of self-love
With a ‘me first’ mentality
I commit to loving you as if you were me

I commit to loving in ways in which I am
available, sensitive and attentive to myself
And from this place of self-love
I commit to sharing all that I am
with you.

I commit to fitting in around what makes me happy:
my wants and needs,
my feelings and wishes,
what I value and hold most precious

To give when it feels good to give
To be kind and generous
But only when it feels right
and never when it doesn’t.

I commit to being guided by my intuition
and honouring my passions and desires
To finding and following my yes,
as I listen to and honour my no
and find peace in “I don’t know.” 

I commit to admitting my truth to myself
and then with kindness and sensitivity
sharing that truth with you
Without knowing what either of us will do.

I want this with all my heart
So with grace, humility and gratitude
may I stay aligned with myself
as I find my way to you.


Loving Wanting

My neediness appears
And I shine light on it
In your house
And say I want to be with you

I want to see you
To be in the same room
Seeing what happens
Doing whatever you like to do

To be available and responsive
Without demanding
Without wanting or needing
Doing whatever you want
And wanting that to satisfy my wants.

My want to not want
My need to not need
These are my wants and needs

I want you to want
My not-wanting self
Which (of course) is my wanting self
Pretending to not want.

But my want is just a want
Nothing for you to do
The want has been outed
For us to be with, without a ‘doing.’

We could allow my neediness to be expressed
But it can never be satisfied
More and more and more
The urgent desperation of the unloved.

And then it collapses
In a heap of frustrated exhaustion
And then resentment appears
Closely followed by withdrawal

So let us create space in our loving hearts
For the wanting we might not want
Just being with ‘want’ is
And then there’s nothing more to do.

Lets lovingly accept our wants
And be with our neediness
Holding wanting and needing tenderly
Safe in our hands

By allowing them to be
We cherish what they are
As we invite them in
And say they can stay

I love the wanting
That wants your love
I adore the hunger
Of this neediness

Nothing more for you to do here
Apart from saying
I know it’s there
And that’s OK.

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image: Pixabay