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I have spent the past five years of my life obsessing about my weight and health. For many people (including me), losing weight sounded so appealing, but it was so incredibly hard to actually implement the appropriate actions. These past years have been some of the hardest of my life, because of my constant focus on my lack of nutrition and exercise.

A couple of months ago, a spark of motivation hit me. I wish I could give you the formula as to how I finally reached the point of actually doing something, but I had just had enough. Looking back, it was not that hard. I sit here, 26 pounds lighter, and want to share three simple changes I made that dramatically impacted my life.

Find accountability

The first thing I had to do was find someone or something that would hold me accountable. For years past, I had tried to hold myself accountable, and needless to say, I let myself down every time.

There are a few ways to actually become accountable. You can reach out to a good friend who may also be interested in losing weight, or is already in good shape. There are several apps you can pay for that will keep you locked into the right mindset. I actually chose to work with a specialized trainer, and this happened to be the exact push I needed.

Make it a slow process

It’s very common to want to go for the lose-weight-quick gimmicks. These usually involve you going from 0 to 100 in your lifestyle change, and in my experience, I would give it my all for a week, be exhausted and then give up completely.

I’ve known people who did lose weight quickly from some radical kind of diet, but they then put the weight back on. The lifestyle they adapted to just wasn’t sustainable.

Instead, I started out by simply counting/tracking my calories every day, and trying to stay under a threshold. I did that for a few weeks, and then added walking in the mornings before work to my repertoire. Just recently, I started going to the gym instead of just taking those walks. It’s been a nearly seamless transition, because I did it little by little, while setting small goals for myself.

My recommendation is to set an ultimate goal for yourself; it may be hitting a certain weight or being able to run a certain distance in a good time. Whatever it is, set it and then start making much smaller goals that will eventually get you to that ultimate goal.

Setting and accomplishing small goals is a nice little trick for our minds, because you know what? It feels good when you hit those small goals, and then you want to set more.

Be kind to yourself


I talked to a lot of people before I started my journey into health and fitness (I still have a long way to go, believe me), and the best advice some of them gave me was that if I slip up one day, I should acknowledge it and move on.

In the past, I have had this ‘all or nothing’ attitude where, if I eat a donut one night, I consider myself a failure and think I have to start all over again. Many people made it clear to me that they had stumbled before, and when it happened, they just dusted themselves off and carried on their journey.

We are our own worst critics. There is going to be a voice in your head telling you that you will fail at this. When that voice of doubt creeps in, counteract it by working even harder that day, and the results will blow you away. There is no better feeling than proving yourself wrong!

When you trim away all the fat (pun intended), losing weight and getting healthy is really a simple process. We just make it complicated. Set goals, achieve them, and don’t give up, and before you know it you will see results.

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