Since ancient times, many wise men have called our world ‘the waking dream’ or ‘the matrix.’ A matrix is a network of distinct particles that are all connected through an indivisible field.

This is the nature of our existence today. We have identified with being the particle through ego identification, but we have forgotten that we are connected to the whole, and that any of our feelings, thoughts or actions affect everything else.

To awaken is to remember that we are both the whole and the separate parts. To awaken is to remember our divine nature.

Humans were given intelligence

Teachers of wisdom love to compare us to the drops in the ocean that have forgotten they are also the ocean. I prefer the metaphor of the matrix, because it better outlines the concept of the separateness of each particle.

Our main purpose on this earthly plane of existence is to experience the illusion of separateness, and to eventually come back to our true nature through the unifying power of Love.

There was a distant time in history when humankind was in harmony with the planet and all creatures that inhabited it. People could perceive spiritual realities and there was a natural love between them, higher spirits and the rest of nature. The love they used to emanate was similar to that of a dog—pure goodness and eagerness to serve.

The Bible is full of symbolic allegories, and the garden of Adam and Eve also symbolizes this period. However, God needed help in its gargantuan task to know itself, and humankind was tempted to taste the fruit of knowledge.

Human beings were handed an intellect that allowed them to dissect, divide, separate and create personalities that thought themselves to be separate from the whole. We were given the intelligence of the mind. We were given the choice to be part of God or separate from Him.

God (or Source) needed to understand what it is before it could realize its true nature, and the human race as we know it was created for this purpose. God’s out-breath became the fragmentation of Himself into millions of trillions of parts, in order to create our complex universe, and its in-breath is the return to one unifying whole of God-consciousness through the creative power of love.

Creating light requires friction

In order for human conscious love to emerge, the light of consciousness has to shine in the shadows of ignorance so that objective truth may emerge: This is the realization of our true divine nature and our interconnectedness with the whole.

It is said that God created man in his image because human beings share the same formidable goal of self-knowledge and self-awareness. Our primary purpose is, therefore, the creation and spreading of the light of consciousness.

To make light requires friction. This friction is nothing else besides the pain experienced throughout the journey of life. Pain combined with introspection and self-knowledge leads to wisdom and a compassionate life. Pain combined with erroneous thinking and poor self-awareness leads, however, to even more fragmentation or mental illness.

This is why the cycles of life, death and rebirth were created. They are meant to give the soul a necessary reset as it gets too deep into materialism and faulty identifications and forgets its true nature.

The journey of the soul is no different than salmon moving upstream to release their eggs. We courageously fight mainstream influences in order to live a life that is congruent with our soul, so that we may return to God with our own free will.

Good vs. evil

Humans have been preoccupied with the fight between good and evil since the beginning of time. The concept of good and evil is ridiculed by intellectuals who see it simply as manipulation for the simple-minded, as they emphasize that all life situations are made of shades of grey.

Good is any feeling, thought or action that takes into consideration the interconnectedness of everyone and everything, while evil assumes the separateness of the parts from the whole.

As a response to the skeptics, I have developed a straightforward definition of good and evil. Good is any feeling, thought or action that takes into consideration the interconnectedness of everyone and everything, while evil assumes the separateness of the parts from the whole. So good is based on the realization of our true nature of love, light and unity, while evil is based on the ignorance of separation.

We can see Monsanto’s GMO [genetically modified organism] as evil because the company focuses on the profit of a minority over the health and well-being of the many. We see the cover-up of global warming by large oil companies as evil, because it creates profits for a few while endangering billions of others. The same is true for any form of exploitation.

This is why the collective is becoming more and more driven towards sustainable systems, in which all elements can benefit in a synergetic way. We see genocides as evil, as this is the systematic elimination of our brothers and sisters.

Similarly, a man who breaks a women’s heart by seducing her for sex without caring for her has no empathy, and does not include her as part of his reality. A mother who alienates her children from their father does not feel them, because if she did, she would realize she makes them hate half of themselves by doing so. An absent father makes no effort to connect with his son because he is unable to see that he is a part of him, and makes him feel insignificant as a result.

This is why empathy is a necessary condition of being good. Many co-dependent people try to be good with their minds, but they have shut down their feelings. As a result, they often do more harm than good, while having the best of intentions. Psychopaths who have lost any ability for empathy commit the most horrific, heinous crimes.

God-consciousness is feeling, within ourselves, every other being. We own them as part of ourselves, whether this is a pleasant or unpleasant reflection.

Becoming the world

At our present collective level of awareness, each particle in the matrix has forgotten that it is part of the whole, yet is the whole at the same time.

The theory of the fractal universe has taught us the same principle. It teaches us the notion that the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil can set off a cascade of atmospheric events that, weeks later, may spur the formation of a tornado in Texas.

Each one of us sees ourselves as a particle separate from the infinite matrix of life, and as a result, many of us are suffering from loneliness, sociopathy or disconnection.  Awakening means developing the ability to project our consciousness with the rest of life: other people, animals, nature and eventually, God itself.

In the Buddhist tradition, the highest form of bodhicitta is the wish to return to this plane of existence until all sentient beings have been liberated.

This is hard to comprehend. Why would we want to come back to Earth and all its suffering after reaching Nirvana? It is because the one who has awakened and transcended the ego (the instrument for the illusion of separateness) can no longer differentiate between their separate individuality and the world. They have become the world. There is no more separation.

When a saint like Amma has dedicated her life to the betterment of humanity, she actually does it in complete ‘selfishness,’ because she has expanded her consciousness to a level at which she sees herself in any of the suffering people she is hugging. This is empathy or compassion at its best.


On the path of awakening, many people can get confused between the power of love and the love of power. Along their journey, they may experience a state of consciousness in which they see themselves as the whole. Many are tempted to become the whole by having their ego control others, instead of becoming the whole through the dissolution of their ego, the expansion of their consciousness and their unification with the world through love.

Megalomania is a mental illness during which the ego attempts to become a supreme being by making all other beings lower. It is the sick attempt to experience oneness through the mind instead of the heart. It is best illustrated by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin in the world of politics, and by Jim Jones (Peoples Temple) and Sun Myung Moon (Unification Church) in the spiritual field.

The magnified ego uses fear, the opposite of love, to draw others under its control. When a political or a spiritual leader starts exhibiting the traits of megalomania, trouble is around the corner. Behind the inspiring and pretty words, there is mental illness and fragmentation.

On this plane of existence, the law of mirroring is our biggest ally when it comes to understanding our true nature, and our external life mirrors perfectly (but often ruthlessly) our inner world.

There is nothing harder than seeing the nasty boss, the angry ex-wife, the sociopathic parent, the troubled child, the neurotic sister or the narcissistic president as parts of you. However, if they trigger you, it means they perfectly mirror that part of you that you have been repressing. The ego was created as a veil to refuse the mirror and instead adopt an imaginary sense of self to make you feel better.

Seeing the truth is not for everyone. It may just add one more layer of shame and torment for people who are already struggling too much.

Moving from criticism to discrimination

There are, however, many courageous souls who are ready to take 100 percent responsibility for their lives and start healing, one relationship at a time. Some of these external mirrors may not change, but if we heal, our relationships with them will change. We will be able to move from criticism to discrimination.

When we criticize, we project onto another person the aspects of us we are refusing to see.

When we criticize, we project onto another person the aspects of us we are refusing to see. When we discriminate, we objectively see an external behaviour that is not aligned with our values and we refuse to engage with it, just like a boundary. Where there is currently resentment, confusion, powerlessness, suffering or criticism, there will be compassion, benevolence, peace, clarity and wisdom.

As we progress on the spiritual path, we become determined to love all our external reflections as much as the fragmented parts of our inner world. Love and forgiveness will continue to be the answer for every obstacle coming our way.

The path of love and awakening is the way of integration. The journey of self-love is about re-owning every single fragment of the self. Throughout this process, we need to fully feel the so-called negative emotions that we have repressed, the ones that have created the fragmentations in the first place. Then we can create a different relationship with the world outside of us.

Many of us focus on making changes in the outside world before we make changes from within. This is the slow way. The better way is to make the internal changes first.

If you are becoming tired of the unpleasant manifestations in your life, bring into awareness the unsavoury aspects of the self you have repressed. Then there will be no need for these external hardships to manifest.

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