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The follpwing article has been excerpted from How to Get to Heaven (Without Really Dying): Wisdom from a Near Death Survivor, through which author and three-time near-death experience (NDE) survivor Robert Kopecky aims to teach readers how to get in touch with the spiritual realm that many call Heaven—while still on Earth.

When I imagine inhabiting Heaven, I sometimes consider what it would feel like to be an angel, and how it would be to return to this world to take up the effort to help earthly human beings get to Heaven, too.

Would such an angelic vision allow you to compassionately witness somebody’s spirit struggling to reveal itself through all the complicated layers of their human condition? What if we used our imaginations and pretended to be an angel, standing in front of another human being, completely liberated from our ego-mind, compassionate and non-judgmental—how would we perceive a person, meeting them for the first time?

As you first engage with angelic conscious awareness and presence, you may witness their first flash of personality, and think, “Ah—here’s the spirit that I actually want to meet.”

Imagine that first revelation of self-ness, suspending itself in an eternal moment free of Time and Space, and you may spontaneously see the person as the child they once were (and still are, in a way); then, you might “fast-forward” to envision them as an old person—a product of their potential realized. As that perception shakes into the present, your holistic awareness would focus on the complexities of their voice, their body language—the movements of their hands and their facial expressions, the animation of which would describe their personal expression of Divine Consciousness.

You’d listen and watch with wonder, marvelling at the incredible varieties of human being. Looking directly into their eyes and paying close, compassionate attention to every word they said, you’d have the inescapable realization that this person is me, as I could be inhabiting that form. 

Sometimes what they’d be saying to you wouldn’t have anything to do with the words coming out of their mouth, while the combination of their spiritual energies and physical expressions might perfectly relate their experience of childhood, accomplishment, trauma, desire, dreams, fears, responsibilities, dietary habits, indoctrinations, gestural importance and more. It would all instantly add up to the bottom-line energy created by the amount of Love in their formation, how much they’re able to transmit and how much Love they’d be able to receive.

Imagining this ability to see people as an angel could—with that completely objective spiritual perspective and presence—give us the most profound gift of purposeful understanding that we can possibly have:

Everyone is trying their best to cope with the world as they know it. Everyone carries their karma with them, reaching back into the experiences of their past, informing this very moment and projecting into their future. Everyone is living their wishes and needs, their desires, their loves and their fears—and all with their own internal commentary, all with their own picture of themselves, all at the level of conscious awareness their karma experience has made possible for them to know. Everyone has realized Love to some degree, and is able to channel and receive Love as much as their psychic and karmic structures will allow.

An angel could then celebrate the Love that person carries and projects, and supply what Love is needed to treat whatever hardship the person is expressing—with the open-hearted humor, loving empathy and compassion, tender forgiveness and selfless support that angels are famous for. That’s what they’re always doing in Heaven.

Meeting hard cases with compassion

Along our path, we inevitably encounter difficult people—people who aren’t very nice, or very considerate; self-centered and arrogant, dismissive, uncommunicative people who may abuse positions of power, unconsciously make poor decisions, consciously make selfish and destructive decisions, support inhumane causes, behave aggressively or inappropriately—and all the rest that an ego run amuck can project.

While many of society’s “leaders” plainly exhibit pain as their inspiration and impetus, our job is to gently but persistently hold the world together with Love.

There’s a natural instinct to react with some degree of justifiable antagonism or defensiveness—that’s to be expected. At those times, it’s clear that badly behaved people are to some degree unconscious of the effect they’re having in the world—their damaged ego prevents them from seeing what everyone else can plainly see. Some people even demonstrate an awareness of how difficult they can be, but selfishly embrace it as, “This is who I am—so get over it!”

People who need to exert influence over Life and the world suffer the most. Ironically, their urgent need to control puts them in positions of power, so while many of society’s “leaders” plainly exhibit pain as their inspiration and impetus, our job is to gently but persistently hold the world together with Love.

Immediately recognize that those people are suffering inwardly and outwardly from the challenges of their lives. They feel less-than, victimized, unacknowledged or singularly justified—all conditions imposed by an ego locked in a powerless prison of how “important” or influential they think they should be.

That’s when we need to resist simply rejecting them, and recognize the pain they’re in and the help they may need. It’s the time to simply be present with Love in your heart, and open up your authentic self to compassionately accept their expressions of pain.

Be of service. Make yourself both an angel and an example, as best as you can—and watch what happens. The results will astonish you.

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Excerpts from How to Get to Heaven (Without Really Dying) by Robert Kopecky. © 2018 by Robert Kopecky. Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.,

image: Alice Popkorn