Have you ever noticed that you’d been thinking about something and it suddenly came true? Have you been seeing repetitions of specific numbers and patterns, like 111, 333, 911, 777 and so on? This happens to most of us at some point in our lives, yet we can’t come up with a possible explanation for why and how it happens.

This phenomenon is called Synchronicity. When we’re searching for some answers in life, our attention is driven to apparently normal and random events that leave us with the answers that we’ve been looking for.

There are no scientific explanations for synchronicity, but if we contemplate these repetitive patterns and sequences, we realize that they appear for a purpose. Synchronicity happens to make us question our understanding and perception of the universe. It invites us to a realm where we can feel a deep connection to the outside world that apparently seems unaffected by our being.

Coincidences aren’t coincidences at all. Instead, they’re signs that the universe wants us to stop for a moment, take a break from our worldly chores and comprehend universal dynamics and unity. As Albert Einstein once put it, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes He opens up His designs to us, if we’re conscious enough to discern them.

Infinite possibilities

Whale in the cloudsThe frequency of synchronized events that we experience depends on our level of consciousness. The more conscious we are of our being and the nature of the things around us, the more synchronized we are with the universal flow.

We can observe these indications and patterns when we’re in tune with our true self and nature. If we consciously observe our daily endeavours and encounters, we realize that every choice, action, delay and disappointment possesses a stream of consequential circumstances that map out our future. Everything happens for a reason, and the whole universe sets itself in motion for us during our challenges.

Every event that has happened in your life has meticulously lead you to this very moment in which you’re reading this. The events of your future are directly linked to your choices in the present. At any given moment, we’re sitting with infinite possibilities in our hands. Whenever a coincidence occurs, it intrigues us to contemplate and appreciate the significance of the present moment.

Considering the fundamental level of our existence, we can infer that we aren’t material beings at all. Instead, we’re made up of atoms, electrons and quarks, all intertwined at the quantum level by energy. Even building blocks of matter like electrons can’t be considered ‘particles’, because they’ve been observed to exhibit wavelike properties.

We can conclude that the essence of our existence is pure energy. And this holds true for the rest of the universe. We all share the same energy.

We’re all stardust

nebulaTo grasp this concept of universal unity in the physical sense, we can say that we’re all stardust that was once grouped together in a single massive black dot, before the Big Bang occurred. And since our thoughts, emotions and intentions consist of pure energy, they hold the power of being manifested in the physical realm.

The great polymath Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything.”

This perception of the universe drives us to a paradigm shift and makes us perceive the universe as an extension of our being instead of something outside the self. The great polymath Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything.”

The signs of synchronicity go unnoticed, most of the time, because we’re too busy to detect and ponder them. Many of us feel entangled in worldly affairs, and a sense of virtual absence resides quietly in our lives. We become strangely loyal to our daily commitments to material things, so we forget to treat them as what they really are: just empty spaces.

Our thoughts are conditioned by the material world, a world whose confines we must transcend in order to develop an affinity for perceiving metaphysical realities that await our discovery. All the facts of the physical world are governed by the metaphysical realities at the back end. It’s only after we’ve attuned ourselves to the universal flow that we’re able to decipher the signs of a higher reality that the universe serves us.

The call of the universe

Synchronicity is the call of the universe that invites us to see its wonders and contemplate its mysteries. We’re marvels of nature, and yet, we forget the fact that the universe has more to offer than what meets the eye. The signs of a grand design and universal flow are depicted in everything around us, including ourselves, but they’re only revealed to those who observe and ponder.

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Zubair Awan: I’m practically interested and invested in combining the knowledge of science and spiritual experience to establish foundations for a better understanding of the universe and its mysteries.

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