You know the jitters I’m talking about? The tightness in your chest just as you’re falling asleep, the vague worries about things not completed during the past week, the thought of once again having to look at your belligerent boss, the “ugh” about the never-ending gossip that creates such negative energy, the rumours about another round of job cuts, the Monday morning blues when your alarm clock screams you awake…

For 15 years, I worked at a corporate job that slowly killed me. Even though I went to school for a job like it, even though I was more than grateful for getting paid good money every week, and even though I had a cool car and fancy clothes to prove it, all of those things started losing their meaning. The shiny glass and brick buildings slowly sucked the soul out of me.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

The increasing knowledge that this wasn’t the path that was going to make me happy, and the realization that I might have another 30 or 40 years to live and work on this unhappy path, gave me the jitters every Sunday night. I knew I had to set my path straight.

Letting go of the crooked path

I started journaling about what was wrong with my current path. I realized that the same patterns kept coming up—the same complaints, the same feeling of something being wrong—but also the same pattern of doing nothing about it. I kept going around and around like a hamster on a wheel. I eventually realized that the only way to break that kind of cycle is to get off the wheel.

But get off and go where?!

I didn’t know.

I started looking for answers.

Most of the modern books I read presented detailed ways of gaining new skills, enhancing my personality and figuring out the next best-paying job. But the thought of gaining new skills or changing my personality to become someone else, for yet another job, didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t even want another job!

So what did I want?

What I wanted was to become more of who I am, to learn more about myself and to honour the wisdom that’s within me.

Finding my happy path

My journey took me back to the ancient practices that I grew up with, but somehow lost along the way.

These ancient practices are rooted in supporting each person in their unique journey. My journey includes not only the work I do in the world, but also the food I eat, the environment I live in, the diet I feed my mind and the practice I follow for the nourishment of my soul. Ultimately, I had to integrate all these aspects of my life.

Previously, I’d lived so many years of my life deaf and blind to the inner insistent voice of my soul, but now that I’ve found ways to listen to and follow it, I can hardly even begin to tell you how fulfilling it is to live this way.

Here are some of the things I learned along the way:

Find and follow your joy

When you feel a sense of joy, your soul is saying, “Yes!”

This is the easiest path to your soul. Think about what makes you smile, what makes you feel alive and excited, and what makes your heart sing. When you feel a sense of joy, your soul is saying, “Yes!

Find and follow your energy

If you start paying attention to how you feel in response to certain people, places, things and thoughts, you’ll start noticing when you feel a pulse of positive energy. Try to add more doses of positive energy into your life, and let go of the people, places, things and thoughts that drain your energy.

Find and follow your creativity

Have you ever noticed how your soul sings during movement and creation? When you’re immersed in art and creation, whether it’s through music, poetry, dance, drawing or some other medium, expressing yourself can instantly connect you to your soul.

Find and follow your intuition

The strongest voice of your soul can be heard via your intuition. Intuition is an inner prompting that’s beyond reasoning. When you use it, you’ll get a feeling of “knowing all along” because it’s directed by your soul’s own inner wisdom. It’s a powerful gift from the universe, and if you allow it to, it’ll support you and guide you at every moment of every day.

When I realized there were many others like me who search for meaning in the work they do and in the life they want to live, I decided to create a way for others to find their own path: to help them discover their Dharma, their own inner wisdom that’s always guiding them. The one thing I know for sure is that when you’re aligned with your true Dharma, your inner wisdom that always guides you, every part of yourself and your life naturally come into alignment.

9 results of letting your soul guide you

Woman's legs and feet in sneakers walking down a path - The path of the soul

  • You’ll recognize how unique you and your offerings to the world are.
  • You’ll become more independent; or, I should say, self-dependent.
  • Time, money, relationships and every other facet of your life will fall into place.
  • You’ll own your responsibility to create the change you wish to see in the world.
  • Your interactions with people around you will become deeper and much more meaningful.
  • Your relationships will evolve and become stronger, and the ones that aren’t supportive of your life’s purpose will dissolve.
  • Every single choice you make will stem from a sense of purpose.
  • You’ll have a clarity of vision that you never had before.
  • Most importantly, you’ll gain a sense of freedom from following your own path and leaving a trail behind you.

No more jitters

Walking my own soul’s path has been an enormously fulfilling way of life for me. I go to sleep every night with a sense of contentment, and no more jitters! I wake up every morning with a sense of purpose, ready to serve others who are on this journey with me. Best of all, I feel completely connected with my soul’s calling, and that’s reason enough to follow this path.

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Saiisha coaches old souls who’ve been on a spiritual path but are still feeling lost. She blends ancient wisdom with practical spirituality to guide others in making decisions and taking actions that bring them closer to the life their soul wants them to live.

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