Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” – Maya Angelou

We create our reality from moment-to-moment. We are like walking radio stations: we broadcast our intentions, thoughts and feelings every day, and release them into the Universe.

These thoughts, intentions and emotions radiate outward and interact with the energy emissions of others. They collide when their intentions are opposing each other. They can enhance one another when they are on the same wavelength, yet they can also fly over each other’s heads when each is on a different plane altogether.

Everything is energy and frequency

We can either collide, work together to allow our intentions to become reality or not notice each other’s existence at all, even though we walk the same street in the same city. Everything is energy and frequency. All realities and dimensions exist right next to each other. Heaven and hell are but frequencies. What matters is which one you tune into.

The intentions we have and vibrations we emit can be attuned to our Higher Being, our soul, our divine intent and our soul mission. They can also be misaligned or even completely opposed to them. How we are aligned affects our ability to co-create with the soul.

We can feel it when we are creating in tune with the frequency of our soul. When we create without negative beliefs, without egoistic motives and without negative emotions such as fear, jealousy, greed, anger or bitterness, everything goes smoothly and with a minimum of friction and stress.

When we do what we enjoy doing—knowing and feeling that what is good for us is for the good of all, and that we are worthy of creating and being successful just like everyone else—we experience the joy of co-creating with the soul. We create effortlessly. Success comes easily. We go with the flow of the Universe.

Creating is a joyful combination of inspired action from the heart, without attachment to the end result, and allowing the manifestation of our intentions to come into existence.

The Universe meets us halfway

We can also assess whether we are creating in alignment with the soul by looking at the effects of the intentions we put out there.

The world and the Universe are like a gigantic mirror. When our thoughts, intentions and feelings are in alignment with the soul, the Universe meets us halfway and works with us. Results come easily and quickly. Success will come in unpredictable ways.

The Universe works in a natural, organic way. When we don’t limit the way success can come to us, the possibilities are endless. This is why it is so important to identify and release our negative programs and beliefs, to heal the parts of us that are still stuck in pain and negativity. Our old pain- and fear-based programs can distort our ability to create and cause us to manifest inhibiting beliefs.

These can be beliefs like ‘I’m not good enough, I can’t do it, I don’t deserve it, I have to compete to be a success,’ and so on. These distort our pure connection with the soul and hamper our ability to co-create and manifest what we want. Creating then takes a lot more effort.

When we heal these programs, manifesting what we truly want will become effortless.

Releasing limiting beliefs creates magic

At the time I was writing this article, I was working on healing and releasing some old family beliefs about not being allowed to have abundance. When I took a break from writing and walked over to the sofa to make a phone call, I suddenly noticed something shiny on the floor. I picked up the shiny object.

To my utter surprise, I held a tiny laughing Buddha in my hand, a little silver pendant. I had never seen it before in my life.

To my utter surprise, I held a tiny laughing Buddha in my hand, a little silver pendant. I had never seen it before in my life. The laughing Buddha of good fortune and abundance: acknowledgement from the Universe!

But how could this be? I’m not aware of any magical abilities in this lifetime. I can’t make silver Buddhas appear out of thin air. I don’t suppose the angels fly about, tossing silver Buddhas at our feet, either. But how, then? I think it happened like this…

When I released a big old limiting belief from my energy system, my ability to co-create with the soul suddenly went up a notch. My frequency rose very quickly in a short period of time.

At that moment, the little silver Buddha that had probably fallen from a package (I order lots of stuff online) was able to appear in my reality. Because of my shift in perception, it could come into focus for me.

The Buddha was there all along, of course, but only then was I open to its being there, which enabled me to see it. In a magical moment of synchronicity, the soul (in connection with my manifestation on Earth) made me aware of its presence.

I must have walked right past the little pendant, time and time again, without noticing it (vacuuming is not my favourite hobby, so it might have been there for a while!). And now, suddenly, I had found it. How wonderful! That is co-creating with the soul.

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