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Circle with point - The point of a circle

1. The point in a circle is the universal symbol for the nature of human consciousness.

2. The point represents the inside world (the mind), while the circle stands for the outside world (matter).

3. In fact, both are one, since the point is inside the circle.

4. The point (the mind) is the primordial cause and, subsequently, rules and manifests matter (the circle).

5. Therefore, it’s said that the point is dynamic or active and the circle is passive or latent. The first can’t exist without the latter and vice versa. Both operate as a whole, yet it’s the point that controls and radiates. Hence: Mind over Matter.

6. The vibration or frequency of the point determines the outcome of the circle.

7. If the mind is at ease and full of positive thoughts, dreams and desires, the atoms in the circle will reflect an adequate result.

8. If the mind is troubled and in turmoil, this’ll be reflected by chaos and misery in the outer world.

9. Therefore, if the circle is corrupted, the point is to be held responsible. In that sense, the circle is truly a mirror for the spiritual status of the point.

10. It’s only through excessive meditation practice that the point can be brought to peace, decorum and harmony. Then, and only then, the circle will follow and react accordingly.

“Spirituality is like taming a wild mustang: it requires daily dedication, practice, patience and perseverance—all the rest is completely redundant.” – Pieter Van Cauwenbergh

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image 1: Pexels; image 2: Pieter Van Cauwenbergh
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