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I’m in a group of quite a few teachers, etc. in an auditorium that’s a bit darkened, though you can see. There’s going to be a dramatic production. It may include more than just the teachers. There are really quite a few people involved, and it may have something to do with the wider spiritual group many of them belong to.

The former principal of the school is supposedly working on the play. I hear she has an idea about “broccoli.”

I suddenly get inspired. I feverishly begin writing notes and then a script, or at least a “treatment” of a play set in ancient (probably Sufi) Persia. Without question, there’s energy and this all comes in a rush of inspiration. I get it all down and then draw a few pictures, too.

The next day we meet to block out the play. They’re going to use mine, although I don’t remember anyone deciding that—it’s more that the force of energy and my confidence has made everyone assume that.

There’s a very tight schedule. It has to be performed very soon, possibly in a day.

I reach into my jeans pocket to get the script. It’s gone!

I reach again, into all of my pockets. I start to panic. Everyone here is basically waiting on me! All I can do is continue to search my pockets. I find about three sheets of folded paper, the same size and shape as what I’m looking for, but these turn out to be just preliminary notes. It appears I’ve mistaken them for the finished project and have thrown the real one away, or something!

I tell the principal. My mind is racing feverishly to remember the lines. I don’t even have a pen or pencil and fresh paper, and I don’t go get them, either. There’s just too much intensity—the images and archetypes are too intense to rewrite in the heat of the moment, and there simply is no more time!

I don’t know what everyone’s going to do, but this seems to have broken the thread of my life. I’ve let down all these people who were depending on me.

All I can think of is leaving and going somewhere else. I imagine walking and driving in green parks, possibly in Cincinnati, Ohio (where, as a young man, I was sort of “farmed out” to relatives during a very troubled period and eventually recovered my creativity). This is sort of a pleasant thought, compared with the pressure of my current life, the bitter sting of having not come through and the feeling of really having no place in this big group with its time-sensitive energy. But this alternative is not “in time.” It’s sort of wandering where there’s no directed energy. Will I recover there? Nature has been healing for me in the past…


DREAMER: Male, 68, U.S.


Teachers — aspects of the dreamer devoted to learning

Spiritual group — a group of spiritual aspects of the dreamer

Principal — dreamer’s inner authority

Play — play of life

Broccoli — knowledge

Nature — Subconscious mind


Hi Malcolm,

Thank you for sharing your dream. Your dream reflects your perception of your waking life. It speaks to you writing the script for your own life.

In the dream, you connect with many aspects of self that are engaged in learning and self-education, symbolized by the teachers. The spiritual group signifies that the script of life has to do with your own spiritual evolution. The subject matter being “broccoli” relates to knowledge; more specifically, how you process and apply knowledge in your life.

The initial script you write in your dream is phenomenal. This speaks to you having a very clear idea of the next steps in your life. The script is related to Sufism, which is spiritual in nature, an expression of Divinity and alignment with the Creator.

However, when the play is to be put to use, you aren’t able to find the script. This indicates some current blockages that exist and prevent you from implementing your ideas for life, those next steps that the play/script represents. Everyone being disappointed signifies you being disappointed in yourself.

You then want to go to a place like Cincinnati, a place where in the past you recovered, where you reconnected with your inner creativity. Green parks symbolize the subconscious mind, your inner mind.


This dream speaks to you needing to bring your plans, your inner script, into your physical experience. There’s much pressure that you feel in regard to that, a sense of “time running out.”

Your dream indicates that you’re proficient at making plans in your own mind. You’re aware of much learning that you’ve been going through and you want to apply all that knowledge to your outer existence. And yet, there are some obstacles that prevent you from doing that.

If it were my dream, I’d create a vision board portraying how I’d like my life to look. I’d select exact images reflecting the next steps I want to take. In addition I’d write out, on a piece of paper, the next short- and long-term goals that I’d like to fulfill. Every day, I’d spend some time getting really excited about what I’m creating in my life, based on the vision board. I’d also review my goals on at least a weekly basis, making sure that I’m staying on track with creating the life I want to live.

Your dream tells you that you know exactly what you desire in your life. Now, it’s just a matter of putting that into practice by taking daily physical steps. How exciting to know that we all write the script for our own lives!

May your dreams illuminate the inner you

image via Pixabay