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Hi Aneta,

My name is Chris. I just woke up from this dream an hour ago, and I’m searching the Internet for its meaning, but it seems to be one that no one else has had. I hope you can help me understand the meaning, because I’m scared to death.

Last time I had a dream that had fear in it, I dreamed I was at my restaurant job and they changed the entire menu, which caused me to struggle badly. I ignored this dream, and it ended up coming true. I want to avoid this one at all costs, considering what it is.

My dream:

Somehow, when I went to sleep, all I could see was my phone in my hand, scrolling through my feed. A picture of someone in Egypt appeared.

Suddenly, I was physically there, behind a cabin with what looked like a metal roof with wooden logs, in the middle of nowhere. I felt as if someone was there with me in my dream, but I couldn’t quite tell who. They stayed behind me, so I never got a good look at them (however, I think it was my twin sister; I’m a boy).

Out of nowhere, this woman wearing a long, white outfit (almost like a sleeping gown) walked in with a big wooden stick. She pointed to me and said, “You are the devil.”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

She replied, “I’ll explain later.” I then woke up, not knowing what she meant by that.

Background information: 

This has nothing to do with the dream; it occurred while I was actually awake.

Two of my friends (one male and one female) dated for one day. All of a sudden, there was this hatred that fumed up in a short period of time. He told me that she plays the Ouija board, and that she has three demons following her. He talked to one of the demons and he said, “All your friends are safe but you and her.”

Turns out, later on, that wasn’t true. We went to an adventure park and she told another friend of mine the same thing, but it was as if they were under a spell. He claims that when he hears her scream, he hears demonic screams.

That day, I dropped everyone off at home, and he was the last for me to drop off. We were in front of my house, and he was crying. He said that the most evil devil, the three-headed-dog, was waiting for me to leave in order to scare him.

I forced my friend out of the car to go talk to my Dad. He knows about this stuff because a girl he knew was raped by a demon, in broad daylight, in front of her parents. My friend calmed down and said, “The demon said she’ll play the game in two weeks, and I’ll be free to kill you.” I almost passed out, I was that white. 

Two weeks later, my female friend asked if anyone wanted to play the game with her. No one did, but my male friend said that there’s an angel over my house and his, but not above anyone else’s.

I’m struggling because she’s saying it’s not true, and he’s saying it is, and I’m over here trying to figure out what’s real. I want to know if there’s an angel in my home, but at the same time, I’m waking up with rashes and bruises. It’s confusing and I need help.

– Chris

DREAM TITLE: “A Woman in Egypt Discovered via a Cell Phone”

DREAMER: Male, 17, U.S.


Phone — telepathy

Egypt — a place in mind

Picture — imagination

Woman — subconscious aspect of the dreamer

White — purity


Hello, Chris,

Thank you for sharing your dream and all the background information. I can see why you feel scared and concerned.

Most of the dreams that we have are messages from our Subconscious Mind, giving us feedback on our progress and our learning during our waking life experiences. Some people do have precognitive dreams. However, these occur rarely and there’s a certain ambiance/atmosphere that permeates such dreams.

In my opinion, the dream you shared isn’t precognitive. Rather, it’s a reflection of your perceptions from a day or two prior to you having this dream. This makes sense, based on what you shared about your interactions with your friends.

The symbol of a devil doesn’t need to be interpreted as a negative and scary.

The message from the dream is that there’s an unknown inner aspect of you (the woman) that’s associated with purity (white gown). More specifically, it’s associated with purity of mind and conduct; or, in other words, higher consciousness.

The symbol of a devil doesn’t need to be interpreted as a negative and scary. Oftentimes, we call the unknown parts of ourselves “devilish.” There are also some people who see the devil as the ego. The ego is the motivating agent, a set of personality traits that we very strongly identify with.

The dream begins with you using your phone and looking at a picture. A phone represents mind-to-mind communication, and a picture is a form of imagination. What does Egypt symbolize to you? I’d say Egypt is a place where a lot of our human heritage originated, a place of ancient wisdom.

To put it all together, through telepathy (mind-to-mind communication) and imagination (picture), you’re exploring a new place (Egypt) in your own mind. This place is associated with an inner aspect (the woman) of you that’s identifying with purity (white gown) and pointing you towards some aspects of yourself that you’re unfamiliar with and are afraid of.


Woman in long white dress walking - Dream interpretationSo what does it all mean? The woman in your dream is a part of you. This part of you may take the form of an inner dialogue, during which you might be having some negative and scary thoughts about yourself.

There’s imagination and mind-to-mind communication symbology present in your dream. This means that the source of your related waking life experiences might be rooted in imagination or in inherited thought patterns from another person.

I think this dream is a direct reflection of your life’s circumstances that you shared in your email.

Dreams represent our perceptions and thoughts about what’s happening in our waking life. Thoughts are things, and the thoughts that we focus our attention on bring about our external circumstances. Since you’ve been surrounded by friends talking about angels and devils, your dreams are reflecting these experiences.

If it were my dream, I’d focus on ways in which I could fill my mind, my consciousness, with positive aspects of myself and others. I’d also evaluate what and who I’m believing and why. In this day and age, we can easily be influenced by people on social media, as well as the people we interact with on a daily basis. It’s important that we discern things for ourselves and make our own choices. The more we connect to our intuition through meditation, the easier it will be for us to know what rings true for us in all circumstances.

As for angels, as I understand, you can call upon them. They’ll assist if you ask for their assistance, so feel free to ask!

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

image 1: Ricardo Liberato – All Gizah Pyramids via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0); image 2: Pexels
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