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Hi Aneta,

I pull into a lower-level church parking lot. I walk upstairs and go outside, and then into a nearby Catholic church to find something I’m missing. The interior is maze-like and dark, and I’m having a hard time finding my way to the back of the church to find what I’m looking for. I ask two older women who are working in a room, and they tell me it’s right around the corner. I look again, but can’t find the door to the room in which I need to find this unknown.


DREAM TITLE: “Lost in a Church Maze”
DREAMER: Female, 60, U.S.
Parking Lot — place of physical rest
Church — place of spirituality, worship
Stairs — means of moving to and between levels of consciousness
Maze — a challenge to find a way
Darkness — opportunity for new understanding
Women — conscious, unknown aspects of the dreamer


Hello Sky,

Thank you very much for sending in your dream.

The church is the key symbol in your dream. It reflects your spiritual attitude and your focus on higher consciousness. Because you parked your car first (the car symbolizes your physical body), this dream speaks to you using your levels of consciousness to access higher spiritual realms, rather than doing so physically.

In other words, your dream confirms the Universal Truth that “you are where your attention is (not where your physical body is).” Walking up the stairs symbolizes you moving up, or ascending, within your consciousness.

While in the church, which feels like a maze, you’re looking for something that you can’t define. You come across outer aspects of you (the two women) and you ask those parts of you to give you guidance. Despite your efforts, you aren’t able to locate the way—the door—to what you’re looking for.


Dreams with spiritual places in them, like yours, are bearers of good news. They signify that the dreamer is accessing his or her highest level of consciousness—the Superconscious Mind. This dream reflects that you were having a hard time finding what you were looking for, as well as having difficulty finding your way around the church.

If this were my dream, I’d spend some time pondering the role of spirituality in my life:

  • What does spirituality mean to me?
  • What relationship do I have with God (or another Higher Power)?
  • How important is it to me to nurture that connection?

Once you define the importance of that divine connection, make sure you foster it daily. All that’s needed is 10 minutes of your time. Ten minutes a day can completely transform your entire life and bring about much peace, contentment and security.

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

image via Pixabay