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I dreamed of kissing an old neighbour when we were kids. In my dream, he was 15 and I was 47. (In real life, he’s 45 and I’m 47. We used to kiss a lot when we were around 12.) He had his own face, but another neighbour’s name. I freaked out after I kissed him because of the age, but I liked it. What does this mean????


DREAMER: Female, 47, AU


Kissing — intimacy, closeness

Old neighbour — familiar, inner aspect of the dreamer from the past


Hello Keri,

I appreciate you sharing your dream. It’s one of those dreams that can cause a lot of commotion in a dreamer’s mind.

Dreams are symbolic messages. In other words, they don’t convey a literal meaning, but an encoded message from your subconscious mind.

Every person, place and thing in a dream represents the dreamer. A person symbolizes an aspect of the dreamer. People of the same sex represent the outer aspects, while people of the opposite sex represent the inner aspects. So in the case of your dream, the neighbour symbolizes a part of you, an inner part of you.

It’s up to the dreamer to determine what quality each aspect actually represents. Some examples might be loving, curious, gentle or untrustworthy. We all see everyone through our own filter, based on the interactions that we have in our waking life.

Regardless of what quality the neighbour represents, you were very close to it a day or two prior to having the dream. In your daily life, that quality became pronounced and you were very intimate (kissing) with it. Perhaps you were getting to know that aspect of yourself on a deeper level?

The neighbour having the face of one person and name of another has to do with you not being clear as to how this quality expresses itself within you. There’s a blending that currently occurs within you in regard to that aspect.


If it were my dream, I’d ponder what the old neighbour symbolizes. Your subconscious mind is bringing your attention to that specific quality for a reason.

In fact, I suggest you make a list of all people that are currently present in your life and assign each one of them a main quality that they represent to you. This’ll help you not only with your future dreams, but will also offer you a deeper understanding of your interactions with others during your waking life.

Everyone is in our lives, and our dreams, for a reason.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image: First Kiss by Emily Skolozynski via Flickr ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)