Last Updated: April 9th, 2019

In our weekly Mindful Dreams column, Aneta Baranek of the School of Metaphysics is offering free dream interpretations to The Mindful Word readers, as well as articles on dreams in general.

If you’ve ever been curious about deciphering the cryptic contents of your subconscious mind, here’s your chance! If you would like Aneta to interpret your dream, fill out this form. She will respond with your dream interpretation through this column, published every Thursday. Aneta would love to receive more comments for the dreams interpreted. If you can relate to a dream posted here or have any insights to add, you can post them as comments to the interpretation, or email her at


Dear Aneta,

I have two dreams that I’d like you to help interpret.

  1. Several times, I’ve dreamed of being in interviews and getting a job in Human Resources (HR). Then there’ll be a voice telling me that my financial problems are over. (Currently, I’m unemployed.)
  2. Recently, I dreamed of being in a beautiful garden with red roses. It felt like this garden was mine.

Warm regards,


DREAMER: Female, 45, ZA


Job — productive state of mind

Money/finances — sense of value

Garden — subconscious/inner mind


Hello Zizo,

Thank you for sharing your poignant dreams. Both dreams reflect your positive perceptions about your life experiences.

The first dream speaks to you having a productive state of mind (getting the job). The fact that the job is in HR symbolizes that you’re inquiring about a variety of aspects within yourself, wanting to collaborate with and manage them. The voice affirms your sense of value (money).

The second dream speaks to you getting in touch with your inner world, your subconscious mind.


Our subconscious mind utilizes the Universal Language of Mind to communicate messages to us. The Universal Language of Mind is a symbolic language that uses images and symbols to convey our inner perceptions.

In the case of your first dream, this is portrayed by the fact that you’re currently unemployed, yet you’re having a dream about getting a job. Therefore, the meaning of the dream isn’t literal. It speaks to you being in a productive state of mind, not your physical circumstances.

Both dreams highlight your positive attitude towards your inner world. They reflect the fact that you’re engaged with life—both inwardly and outwardly.

The key is to recall what in your physical life experience caused you to be in such a positive state of mind. Whatever it was stimulated your thoughts to move in productive ways, in ways expressing appreciation for the latent abilities that exist within you.

If it were my dream, especially since we’ve just welcomed the new year, I’d take some time to set clear goals for myself. Goals will aid you in giving your mind and your inner capabilities clear direction throughout the upcoming months. This, in turn, will allow you to evolve and live up to your highest potential.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image: Wild Red Roses by Rachel Paxton via Flickr (Creative Commons BY)