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I’m surrounded by small food roaches. They’re in my private areas and all over my body. It seems as if I’m in an old building and should’ve been sleeping, but was afraid due to knowing that the roaches were there.

It was impossible to prevent the roaches from surrounding me. This seemed to be funny to some—who?—I can’t recall. But, oh, the number of roaches, those small, food-sized roaches!

– Faman

DREAMER: Female, 72, U.S.


Roaches — habits

Private area/Genitals — tool for creation

Old building — old state of mind of the dreamer


Hello Faman,

Thank you for sharing your dream. A short dream, and yet, it brings a profound message.

This dream speaks to habitual ways of being (roaches) that affect your creativity (private area/genitals).

These habitual ways of being are related to your state of mind from the past (old building). The unknown person who laughs in the dream is an aspect of you—as every person, place or thing in a dream represents the dreamer.


Each dream is a reflection of the dreamer’s state of mind from 24 to 48 hours prior to having the dream. This reflection conveys the dreamer’s perceptions about what occurred, not necessarily what actually occurred in the physical waking world.

The dreamer’s perceptions are collections of thoughts or beliefs that are invoked within the dreamer by a certain situation. Whatever occurred prior to you having this dream was something unproductive that wasn’t feeding your soul. These habitual ways of being, as mentioned above, also impact your creativity and your self-expression.

An example of such unproductive activity might be succumbing to a will-busting action such as over-indulging in alcohol or taking drugs. Temporarily, such activities provide relief. In the long term, however, such ways of being are quite destructive and negatively impact an individual as a whole, including his/her self-expression, self-value and mindset.

If it were my dream, I’d do anything in my power to eliminate these habitual ways of being that the roaches represent. The best way to do so is to find a productive habit, a productive way of being, to replace the unproductive one. For example, physical exercise might be a great way to help heal not only the body, but also the Spirit.

Research shows that a new habit takes only 21 days to implement into our lives! Examine your ways of being and decide to upgrade them so that your full inner potential and creativity can shine through.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image via Pixabay