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Someone gave me eggs, telling me to give them to my partner, but I thought he wouldn’t like them.

One of the eggs started to hatch and a strange animal came out. It was like a snake or lizard, but with wings and legs. Like a dragon actually … it was a baby and I liked it instantly and fed it. Other people wanted to kill it, so we had to hide. I was trying so hard to protect it.

Everything happened in a huge house by the sea with snow outside. Walls of the house were covered in animal skins, as if hunters lived there.

DREAMER: Female, 26, IE


Eggs — food — knowledge

Dragon — ego

House — state of mind

Sea — conscious life experience


Hi Oleander,

Thank you for sharing your whimsical dream. The dream takes place in an expansive state of mind (huge house) that’s near the sea, which symbolizes conscious life experience.

The eggs symbolize knowledge. That knowledge brings about the ego, symbolized by the dragon. The dragon being a baby symbolizes the infancy stage of your ego. Others wanting to kill it speaks to some parts of you wanting to transform your ego.


Your dream speaks to you becoming familiar with your ego. The ego is that part within us that defines our individuality. It’s the motivating power within each individual that helps us accomplish our dreams. It can also keep us stilted in our growth if we’re not willing to change.

The dream tells you that through the experiences of a recent day or two (sea) you became familiar with the expression of your ego. The openness in your mind (huge house) allowed you to become more familiar with it. The dragon being in its infancy signifies that you’re just becoming acquainted with your ego.

Since every dream is about the dreamer, everyone in your dream symbolizes parts of you. The dream speaks to some parts of you wanting your ego to transform (wanting to kill the dragon), yet you manage to hide the dragon/your ego to protect it.

If it were my dream, I’d look at ways in which my ego expresses itself. What are the ways that are beneficial and filled with growth and what are the ways in which my behaviours might be considered selfish and egotistical?

The thing to realize is that our ego is a moldable construct. As we learn through our life experiences, there’s a need for our ego to adjust and for its expression to be redefined, which is what your dream speaks to.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image: New baby dragon by RDPixelShop via Flickr ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)
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