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In our weekly Mindful Dreams column, Aneta Baranek of the School of Metaphysics is offering free dream interpretations to The Mindful Word readers, as well as articles on dreams in general.

If you’ve ever been curious about deciphering the cryptic contents of your subconscious mind, here’s your chance! If you would like Aneta to interpret your dream, fill out this form. She will respond with your dream interpretation through this column, published every Thursday. Aneta would love to receive more comments for the dreams interpreted. If you can relate to a dream posted here or have any insights to add, you can post them as comments to the interpretation, or email her at


Hi Aneta,

A guy that I like turns out to own a huge mansion on a hill. It’s an aloof and sterile place. It’s windy and there’s a cold breeze. The mansion is guarded by tall, dark green pine trees.

He’s home, but acts aloof. He’s immaculately dressed in a suit and tie. It’s warm inside, but the attitude is cold, like he was just doing his duty by inviting us in (“us” meaning myself and maybe a close friend).

The mansion seemed like an important place of status, thought of by the community as a mysterious place where a wealthy man lives. This wasn’t a pleasant dream, and I woke with a bad feeling of seeking out a place where I wasn’t loved or welcomed.

– Kim

DREAM TITLE: “Cold Mansion”

DREAMER: Female, 61, U.S.


Guy — an inner aspect of the dreamer

Mansion — place in mind of the dreamer

A hill — elevated place

Wind — very dynamic movement of thoughts

Trees — subconscious mind existence

Clothes — outer expression

Close friend — a familiar aspect of the dreamer

Wealth — value


Hello Kim,

Thank you for sending in your dream.

Let me start off by stating that our dreams reflect to us our attitudes from our waking lives.

Our dreams are messages from our subconscious mind, devised to aid us in assimilating our daily experiences. When we interpret our dreams, we have the opportunity to learn from our waking experiences and to adjust our thoughts and attitudes so that we can grow and evolve.

This dream speaks to a state of mind that you “visited” 24 to 48 hours prior to having this dream, symbolized by the mansion. You connected with an inner aspect of yourself—the man—that appears to be very wealthy (value), immaculately dressed (self-expression) and aloof (emotionally withdrawn). The mansion being on a hill and guarded by trees symbolizes that this state of mind is an inner state of your being deep within your subconscious mind.


If this were my dream, I’d look at how I work with my own emotions. How do I process them? How aware am I of them?

It’s the feelings or labels we assign to emotions that determine whether these emotional states are perceived by us as “positive” or “negative.”

The dream speaks to your own emotional state of being (the mansion), which you’re not comfortable with. You might be either discovering your own aloofness or learning that the way you relate to your emotions is quite aloof and disconnected. Only you, as the dreamer, can determine the actual connection between this dream and your emotional states.

Emotions come from our thoughts. Emotions (e + motion = energy in motion) in themselves are neutral, allowing for the movement of energy throughout the mind and body. It’s the feelings or labels we assign to emotions (anxious, scared, joyful, etc.) that determine whether these emotional states are perceived by us as “positive” or “negative.”

Emotions and feelings are here to guide us and help us assess how aligned we are within ourselves at any given moment. An important task for us is to learn how to co-operate with our emotions, how to receive them and utilize them as a feedback system, as opposed to getting lost in them or resisting them altogether.

Your dream is a wonderful guiding post that’ll help you deepen your understanding of your inner world of emotions. As you heed the emotional guidance, you’ll discover more ease and flow in your life.

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

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