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Hi Aneta,

I dreamed I was in the classroom with 30 other students. We were all doing a test paper, which was our MIDTERM PAPER, and I was so fearful of starting my paper that I procrastinated.

As I watched my classmates finishing the examination, I was still struggling to sit and slowly tackle each question; but eventually, after much persuasion, I finally finished my paper.

– Jeremy

DREAM TITLE: “Test of Life”

DREAMER: Male, 33, Singapore


Classroom — a place of learning

3 — number of creation

Students — aspects of the dreamer that are in the process of learning

Test — an important evaluation point in life


Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for sending in your dream.

Our entire earthly life is a schoolroom, a place of learning.

This is a very common dream theme: taking a test and not doing well on it. It mirrors the fact that our lives are full of a variety of testing situations, far beyond school exams. In fact, our entire earthly life is a schoolroom, a place of learning. Therefore, in a way, every situation reflects back to us how we’re doing on the test of life. Are we learning anything, or are we avoiding or procrastinating?

Dreams reflect our attitudes during our waking life 24 to 48 hours prior to having a dream. This dream speaks to you being in a setting of learning and being put to the test. Although you avoided the test through procrastination, due to perceived fear, you eventually did take it.

This setting of learning has to do with how you approach creation (the number three). You have some resources and a certain level of awareness in regard to learning. However, you don’t feel fully confident, until you’re persuaded, about putting your skills and knowledge to the test.


If this were my dream, I’d look at how I approach responsibility and life in general. The dream speaks to some perceived fears and your need for persuasion before completing the examination. Are you putting your own authority in other people’s hands? Are you waiting for others to influence you before you face life situations?

Life is a schoolroom and there’ll always be tests for us to take. When I say tests, I mean real-life situations, challenges that call upon us to face our deepest fears. Everyone has fears. Some succumb to their fears, and some overcome them.

A great tool to use to process fears is visualization. See yourself as if you passed the test, as if you overcame whatever obstacle was put in front of you. Feel the excitement of releasing the fear and meeting the goal you set for yourself.

Another way to process fear is to imagine yourself at the end of your life, reflecting on not taking one of life’s tests or not facing whatever fear was lurking within. Usually, regrets come up and we realize that the perceived comfort of not dealing with our fears doesn’t lead us towards living fulfilling lives. If we see fears as opportunities for growth and expansion, we can welcome them and use them as catalysts for both inner and outer growth.

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

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