Prosperity is a word that’s used frequently in our material, success-driven culture. But what, truly, is prosperity? Webster’s Dictionary defines “prosperous” as auspicious, favourable, “marked by success or economic well-being,” “enjoying vigorous and healthy growth,” flourishing.

What does it really mean to have economic well-being, enjoy vigorous and healthy growth, and flourish? Well, to help us explore this way of life, here’s my story of deepening my understanding of prosperity.

My story

After a lengthy first marriage, I found myself divorced and on my own for the first time in 48 years. It was scary! What I finally realized was that I needed to build a solid foundation for myself. I had no plan, no blueprint and no real foundation for my future. I began searching for answers to many questions I had about myself, as well as answers to big questions, such as the purpose of life and the meaning of true prosperity.

In my search for answers as to the meaning of true prosperity, I came across a popular Facebook community that asked people to define what riches or wealth meant to them. Here are a few of the responses:

“Wealth is the love and support of family and friends, which makes for the riches in life.”

“Having inner peace.”

“Having the freedom and creativity to do whatever my heart desires.”

For me, true prosperity is about happiness, health and having the resources I need to be able to use my time and talents to serve others.

What is the Universal Language of Mind?

As I searched further for answers as to what true prosperity is, I learned about the Universal Language of Mind® (ULM), developed by the School of Metaphysics in the 1970s.

This is a symbolic language used to interpret nighttime dreams, as well as waking life experiences. It’s a language of function, rather than form. For example, consider an automobile. There are many types of automobiles. The form isn’t important. What’s important is the function of an automobile, which is to move you from one place to another. Thus, an automobile represents the physical body, our vehicle for movement in conscious waking life. This applies to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Cultivate thoughts that will nurture your strengths and solidify your foundation.

As another example, dreaming of a house represents the mind, a whole state of being. The mind is truly where we live, and thoughts are things that create. For instance, when we think about having friends and friendships, we naturally gain more friends.

The foundation or basement of a house represents the unconscious part of the mind. It’s best to dig up the limiting thoughts and beliefs found there, and decide whether you want to keep or discard them.

A limiting thought could be that you can’t make a living doing the type of work you enjoy. Rather than focusing on limitations, however, it’s best to cultivate thoughts that’ll nurture your strengths and solidify your foundation.

My blueprint

Brain with sections showing blueprint for a houseSince my divorce and subsequent remarriage, I’ve been building a solid foundation and a blueprint for prosperity for myself. Below, I’ve outlined my entire blueprint for a prosperous life. 

Master bedroom

The bed represents assimilation of knowledge. This type of knowledge isn’t intellectual. Instead, it’s the understanding of the soul and involves patience, compassion and discipline. The bedroom is often where I do my inner work of prayer, meditation and visualization.

Remember, your outer world reflects your inner world. Daily spiritual practices are just as important as a good night’s sleep is to your prosperous life.


The bathroom represents release of what’s no longer wanted or needed—those thoughts and habits that no longer work for you. It’s a place of cleansing and purification.

Consider and release any limiting subconscious beliefs such as, “money is the root of all evil.” Explore any fantasies you may have about someone or something coming along and rescuing you from your money troubles. For example, let go of your secret hope for an inheritance, a soaring stock market or a lottery win that’ll secure your financial future.

Believe in your own value and power to create. Recognize your limiting thoughts and beliefs, but forgive yourself and others and then choose more productive thoughts.


A garage is where we store our vehicles. It’s also a place where vehicles are repaired and maintained. A vehicle represents the physical body, including the brain. Our bodies move us through our physical lives. 

Make sure you’re maintaining, repairing and resting your body. Give it premium fuel (such as healthy, life-giving foods like whole fruits and vegetables). Pay attention to your mental, emotional and physical health. When you’re unhealthy, it’s difficult to focus on prosperity. Be sure to exercise, eat properly and get plenty of rest so your body/vehicle stays in excellent working condition! 


In dream symbolism, food represents knowledge. The kitchen is a place for food preparation, so prepare yourself to learn. Make time in your busy day to study new things. Get training on financial matters. Be clear, focused, detailed and use lots of positive emotions when visualizing your desires. Think of your desires as if they’ve already manifested, and truly feel the joy.

Dining room

Eating food symbolizes receiving knowledge. Learn to accept compliments and receive your own self-value. Practice unconditional giving and allowing yourself to receive. Gain knowledge by having experiences in your waking life. Sometimes, the most learning actually occurs when we try something and fail. You won’t learn much by watching television or scrolling through social media feeds! 

Family room

Family and friends represent different aspects of self. As you interact with family and friends, learn how your own self-value is communicated. Co-operate with others. Consider competing in healthy ways, such as trying to be the first to do something kind and considerate for another. Mindfully consider your spending choices when you’re with family and friends. Choose to earn money through work that you enjoy, and through which you’re able to express your innate talents. Lastly, cultivate fun and joy in your everyday life.

Outside the blueprint

Couple walking dog on woodsy path - A blueprint for prosperityThe Earth represents Subconscious Mind. Subconscious Mind is the residence of the soul. Therefore, it’s important to spend time appreciating nature as well as feeding your soul. Find an outside support system that nourishes and uplifts you, one that helps you stay positive and motivated.

Tend to each room of your mental blueprint and build upon a solid foundation of self-value. Be grateful for abundance in your life, and fill each room of your home with love and purpose. This will manifest in your life as flourishing and vigorous prosperity.

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Wendy Isley is a spiritual teacher pursing an advanced degree through the School of Metaphysics, embodying love and learning for every student. She has greatly enjoyed teaching Universal Laws and Truths to many students over the past five years. To learn more about the School of Metaphysics, visit
images: 1. painter’s house, isfahan, iran by seier+seier via Flickr (CC BY 2.0) 2. by Wendy Isley; 3. Pixabay