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We all dream. Even if we cannot remember our dreams, we all have them. In my seven years of dream interpretation and exploration, I have learned how important it is for us to heed messages contained in our dreams. Dreams are an excellent source of inner guidance.

Just imagine being able to receive clear directions from your own dreams rather than needing to ask a third party or your friends and family for advice. This is absolutely possible if you set your mind to it.

Can anyone do it? Yes, everyone can enhance his/her dream recall and therefore establish a closer connection with the Subconscious Mind. Dream time is a time of assimilation, invention and precognitive happenings. If it were not for dreams, we would not have Google, the Periodic Table, or the melody to the famous song “Yesterday” by the Beatles. Yes—all these were conceived in dreams!


Often underestimated, intention is a very powerful mechanism. Intention sets your Subconscious Mind to fulfill a certain desire. With clear intention and strong desire to remember your dreams, you program your mind to recall your dreams on awakening.

Dream journal

To magnetize your intention even more, keep a dream journal. This can be an ornate dream journal or a simple notebook. What matters is that you designate a journal in which to record your dreams every day.

Nighttime ritual

The last hour or two before going to bed are crucial. You need to instill a sense of tranquility and relaxation in your mind and body. That means no use of TV or electronic devices. You need to make sure that your bedroom is neat, with darkened windows and a completely restful atmosphere.


Immediately before falling asleep while lying in your bed, take a few deep breaths. Fully exhale and inhale. Feel your body and mind relaxing. Then tense your whole body, hold the tension for 30 seconds or so and release. Repeat 5 to 10 times and continue observing your breath. Relaxing mind and body allows us to experience deeper sleep which enhances dream recall.


The more awake and present we are during our waking time, the more vivid our dream recall usually is. Concentration holds our mind still and focused on one activity at a time. The more still and concentrated we are during the day, the clearer our dreams will be.


Activity level during the day has a strong correlation with how fast and deep we sleep. As we move our body throughout the waking hours, using it fully, we tend to have a much easier time falling and remaining asleep. The activity need not be outrageously vigorous, it can be gentle such as walking or Yoga.


It’s best to refrain from eating at least two hours prior to bedtime. This allows our internal organs to rest and our mind to ready itself to disconnect from our waking state. Also, making sure that we consume enough vitamin B complex, magnesium and zinc is crucial. All these nutrients nourish our nervous system which is in large measure connected to dreaming and dream recall.

Dreams play a vital role in our awakening process and evolution of our consciousness. As you follow the above steps, you’ll increase your chances of dream recall. In return you’ll be gifted with priceless messages from your inner self, personalized and customized messages just for you.

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