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Dear Aneta,

I need your help in analyzing my dreams. I was divorced in 2012. I dated my husband for six years and my marriage lasted hardly six months. After six months we were separated and the legal separation took seven long years. Strangely I still see my ex-husband sometimes in my dreams as if we’re having romantic conversations and he is coming back.

I feel I’m suffering from some mental illness and am unable to move on. Can you please help me understand why I still dream about a man who hurt me so much and left me bruised?



DREAMER: Female, India, 36


Ex-husbandinner aspect of the dreamer expressing how she views commitment


Hello Sonia,

I so appreciate you sharing your dream and question with me. It takes a lot of courage to be so vulnerable.

Any dream with your ex-husband in it has to do with the concept of commitment. A marriage is an ultimate commitment in the physical world. In the spiritual world there’s an even higher level of commitment—that to oneself, one’s soul. Your ex-husband’s presence in your dreams is simply reflecting to you that how you view commitment needs to be redefined and re-evaluated.


The most important thing to remember is that every situation in our lives is neutral. I know…it’s hard to believe, to accept…and yet it is really so. It is what we make out of the situation that causes more suffering.

It sounds like you assigned your divorce a meaning equivalent with diminishing how you view and value yourself. I understand that cultural and traditional circumstances might put a pressure on us and program us to view divorce as something bad or shameful. There’s a lot of guilt and self-blame that might arise. And yet the lesson here is not for you to suffer, but to let go and commit to yourSELF, your Higher Self.

You see, when you put yourself first and decide to love yourself no matter what, to fully accept yourself in this very moment, then you change your entire disposition to life. Thoughts are things, what we think about we become. Focusing our attention on sadness, on what is lost attracts more of that to us. When we make the choice to forgive ourselves and others and to start right now to love ourselves we then open up opportunities for ourselves to welcome more love, more forgiveness, more acceptance.

There is a gift in every experience. Have you ever thought that your divorce, instead of being an end, has been truly a beginning of something greater and better? I would suggest an affirmation: “I love myself and accept myself fully and completely in this very moment.” This affirmation is one example in which you can start shifting your attitude towards commitment and seeing it firstly as committing to loving and accepting yourself regardless of the circumstances.

I send you much love.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

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