Acceptance of Negativity


Look at me, I’m positively positive.
I’m a positive thinker.
I do positive thinking.
It is a positive thing to do.

No room for negativity here.
I don’t do negative thinking.
Even when I’m depressed or scared,
I positively think my way out of it.
For I am Superman.

I don’t want negative thinking here.
It’s gone, and that is positively for the best.
Thinking negatively made me think of the worst,
The worst that is happening now,
The worst of the past, and the worst of the future.

Oh, how I hated thinking the worst was going to happen,
That the worst had happened,
And what was happening now was awful.
Good riddance to all of that.

What should I do when the negative thoughts return?
They are here now, oh dear, they’re back.
I don’t like these negative thoughts,
Those negative feelings, not at all.
I want them to go away.

I’ll think positive, that’s what I’ll do, that will do it.
I’ll get rid of those negative thoughts,
And think those unpleasant feelings away.
I’ll not even know they were here.

No more negative thoughts from me,
Not anymore.
As soon as one emerges,
I counter it with a positive thought.

I only do positive thinking,
So the negative can’t be here.
Maybe it’s just my imagination, or my mistake,
Or am I pretending and denying their existence?
I hope they are not here somewhere, hiding.

Positive, positive, positive!
That is me, full of optimism and positivity.
Full of the wonder of it all, my happy life.
It’s all working out for me.
Look at my Facebook page,
And you’ll see the happy life of a positive thinker.

I did it! I learned how to think positively,
Yet sometimes I don’t feel so good.
Sometimes I think the worst.
Sometimes I am hard on myself,
Or criticize you.

Sometimes feelings emerge that I don’t like or want.
Sometimes things happen, and it is difficult.
Sometimes I’m not happy with you or myself.
Sometimes I don’t feel so good.

So what’s wrong, where did it go wrong?
It is my own stupid fault,
For I haven’t been positive enough.
I should have been, should be, more positive.

It’s my fault, my negativity, I’m to blame.
Even now I’m being negative,
For it is negative to think I’m not positive enough.
I got it wrong again!

I know it is positive to think, “think positive,”
So that’s what I’ll do.
That’s right, I’ll forget the negative and just focus on the positive.
That will make it all alright.

I criticize myself for not being positive enough,
Not feeling enough excitement and enthusiasm for all that I am,
For all that I experience,
For the love that lives within me.
Forgive me, for I am being negative again, because I think I am not good enough.

It’s so confusing.
I know I should not be negative about my failures in positive thinking.
Oh, if only I were more positive!
Just think about the “half-full glass,” come on, I can do it.
I’ll do it right now.

Think positive, think positive!
It’s all good, it’s all working out.
Everyone has good in their heart.
It’s a wonderful world, a wonderful life.
I’m a loving, positive person.

I can overcome all with positive thinking.
I can see the positives in everything.
There is always an upside, if I look for it,
In every experience, every encounter.

I will never give up.
I’ll march on with positivity.
I’m going to wholeheartedly embrace positive thinking,
For it will get me through and save me.


Yet something is still missing.
It seems something has been left out,
Something denied and dismissed,
Something not allowed,
Denied for my own good.
What is it?

It’s the negativity, of course!
The depression, the thinking the worst;
Feeling not OK; feeling confused, alone, misunderstood,
Feeling unloved and uncared for;
Feeling criticized and not good enough.

There is no room at the inn for any of what is missing.
Positive thinking is an exclusive club,
A conditional world.
Some are allowed in and some not.

There is a banning order on negativity.
It is on the most rejected list.
Only positive thinkers can be allowed into the “Positive Thinking Club.”
Negative thinking is most definitely not accepted.

I’m a fully qualified and registered positive thinker,
But where is the rest of me?
Is it still here?
Did it even go?

Can negativity be allowed, and accepted, and loved?
Negativity, negative thinking, the untouchable,
Those difficult and uncomfortable feelings,
The unwanted, the unloved, the unclean.

Boy looking through fence in grayscale - Acceptance of negativity

Negativity, you don’t belong on the cold outside looking in.
Come inside, back home, and stay forever.
Come out of the darkness,
To where there is light enough for you to be seen.

Negativity, my warm, open heart is here,
Waiting to love you,
More than you could ever imagine,
Beyond all of what you are.

I love you, negativity,
As much as my other child, positivity.
I love you both,
For you are the same.

One is not better than the other,
No more, no less,
Not one to be rejected,
And the other accepted.

Can I even tell you apart?
My twins, separated at birth.
Is there any difference,
Or were you born from the same pod?

Are you from the same source, of one root?
What lies beneath positive and negative?
Is it neutral and unconditional,
Lovingly allowing all that is?

Am I blessed with both a positive and negative perspective
Of the same experience,
The same memory,
The same future?

One experience, two perspectives,
Both free to be expressed.
Does my negative self have the same rights as my positive self?
No discrimination or prejudice here,
No segregation or starvation.

I will nourish you, negative thinker.
I will love you and protect your right to “be.”
I will feed you, take care of you, and treat you well.
I will honour, respect and cherish you.

I am here for you, negative thinker,
In whatever way you need,
However you are.
You don’t have to be positive for me.

Live and breathe, negativity.
Do not leave me,
And don’t go and die on me,
For I love you with all of my heart.

My dearest negativity,
I will never forget about you,
And I will never leave you,
For you are loved, just as you are.

My dearest positivity,
I will never forget about you either,
And I will never leave you,
For you, too, are loved just as you are.

There is no need for you to change for me,
Just thoughts and feelings arising.
Leave no part of yourself out,
Because all that you are is most welcomed here.
You are my honoured and most-loved guests,
For you are both me.

My children,
Come home.
Hand in hand, together,
As one.

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image: public domain via Pixabay; image 2: public domain via Pixabay