Last Updated: March 27th, 2019

Art Class

I joined to explore creative ways
to use my tool box of methods
when overwhelmed with stress
and get off my roller coaster ride.

I create masterpieces at all hours.
There is no judgment made
about my stick figure drawings
or colour schemes, choice of words or

the accidental smears on the canvas
from my tears—a perfect alibi for
personal events that appear
and demand markers, paper, glue and scissors.

These go a long way to keep me busy,
let me breathe, make me feel grounded.
I complete the eight classes with new skills,
new friends and opportunities.

A Time for Growth

I add water
and patiently wait
for the dirt pellet to expand.

Using my finger
I poke a hole
to place the sunflower seed
in a strategic place.

Afterwards I cover it
with dark earth
to keep the seed
warm and cozy
until the time is right
and the transformed seed becomes
a large flower.


with you by my side
the world seems to hold
promise and happiness

my dream jar overflows
with thoughts, opportunities
i add consistently

i can do no wrong but nor take
advantage of your gentle nature
age is just a number

this makes it ok to laugh
just because, wear pyjamas
cause we feel like it

to eat ice cream before supper
to be different, to shop together
for our collectibles

and make plans to be
together again soon


Shadows fill the grey
darkness begins to creep over

The canvas is charcoal
with splash of light

The moon my gentle
guiding beacon just

As you are and I capture the
Beauty on the inside and out

This landscape full of love,
laughter, loss and life.


I get the blues when a sombre mood
wraps tightly around my thoughts
suffocating hopes like leftovers folded in plastic.

This is when I miss the twinkle of life,
the sapphires, cerulean skies,
the ever-lasting possibilities of laughter,
and my dreams turn into nightmares
and all the bad memories surface.

Sometimes it is hard to bear
the multitude of challenges
constantly trapping me
and I pray for a temporary reprieve.

At certain times
I feel as though I need an able-bodied sailor
to lend me an anchor to ground
myself and save me from
icy cold waves of despair.

The colours of my blues
are not always the same.
decadent shades lay claim to my mood
without making an appointment.

Catina Noble is an award-winning poet. She has had more than 100 pieces of work published, including poetry, short stories, articles/interviews and photography. You can get in touch with Catina via her website,
image: EaglElla (Creative Commons BY-NC-ND)