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The world of sound healing comes in many different shapes, sizes, energies and tones. At the core, however, it’s quite simply the art of using frequency as a catalyst to create a new environment or experience in resonance with healing, both outside the body and within. After all, everything we experience, including every cell of who we are, is composed of different frequencies playing out their parts like a giant orchestra. These three simple and natural techniques can bring us a little sound healing and greatly enhance our experience and awareness of everyday life as we learn to better harmonize with our environment and each other.


It’s easy to let the natural world pass us by as we hurry from place to place, getting caught up in our minds and our daily tasks. Our fast paced, modern lifestyles can leave us feeling totally stressed and fatigued. The simple practice of taking a few minutes out of your day to listen to nature happening around you can do wonders for your health and overall sense of well being. Find a short time to be outside and tune in to your surroundings. Close your eyes and turn off your mind… just listen. Maybe you hear a bird singing in a nearby tree. Maybe there’s a river or fountain running nearby. Notice the wind blowing through the trees. Breathe these natural sounds into your body and let them move through you. Feel how your whole system is calmed and aligned again just through the simple act of tuning in. Try it… it really works!


We have all been given a voice, but so many of us are scared to use it! I truly believe singing or toning is one of the most important tools we have to our strengthen our health and well-being. In our present day society, we have been taught that we must be considered professional singers to be deemed worthy of using our own voice… this could not be farther from the truth.

Singing is human nature. It’s one of the main ways humans have passed down history throughout our evolution and it’s one of the core ways that we can tune our inner environment with the outer world. In my work as a healing practitioner I’ve noticed again and again that most peoples’ throat chakras are blocked, which leads to disharmony and stagnation within the body. I always recommend singing to open up this important centre of communication.

Singing or toning can happen in your own private space… you don’t have to be ready to get on stage in front of an audience to use your voice. Start by singing in the shower, in your car, when you’re home alone or walking down an empty street.

Try simply holding long tones using a vowel sound like Ohhhhh or Ahhhhh… Eeeee or Ooooo. Notice how the different vowels make you feel. Experiment with moving the tones higher or lower. Do you feel them in different parts of your body? Notice how resonant and aware your body feels after just a few minutes of toning.

Once you get used to singing vowels on one note, try moving sound around to create a melody. Enjoy being present in your own unique sound without any self judgment. This daily practice can be powerfully healing on a cellular level and can open us up to new realms of positive growth and communication.


Once we get used to listening to nature and singing in our daily lives, we can begin to practice harmonizing and toning with others. It may feel scary, or corny, to think of sitting down with a group of people to sing, but I deeply encourage you to give it a try.

Some of my most connected and healing moments of life have been in group harmonization or during toning with my partner. This simple sound practice can take a group of strangers and instantaneously tune everyone to the same frequency, opening up high channels for empathy, communication and exchange. Imagine if every business meeting began with group toning or every couple harmonized with each other on a daily basis… the quality of relationship would be greatly enhanced.

To begin practicing harmonization, try sitting with your partner or friend and explore the vowel singing practice from above, holding long notes together for each vowel sound. In the beginning, simply tune in and try to match each others’ notes in unison, feeling how the sounds resonate within. As you get more comfortable and find flow with the exercise, experiment with one person toning low notes and the other, higher harmonies. If this becomes too complicated, go back to matching each others’ tones until you feel ready for more.

Once you get used to harmonizing with a partner, try exploring in the context of a group. Maybe at your next dinner gathering with friends you can introduce group toning. Notice how energy and conversations shift after singing together. I truly believe you’ll be amazed!

Sound work can be a powerful and remarkable healing tool in our everyday lives. If we open ourselves to our own vibrations and learn to sync with others, we can naturally experience greater ease and flow of life within our bodies and deeper connections to the world around us.

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