Last Updated: March 19th, 2019

The vibrational current moving on Planet Earth is intensifying; there can be little doubt about this for those who are attuned to it. I believe a particular intensification occurred when we moved through the portal that opened on December 21, 2012. Though it didn’t bring, as some thought it might, some kind of instant apocalypse or series of cataclysms, I believe it did impact the collective consciousness of humanity in such a way that the human state of self-centredness and materialistic orientation is now being phased out. This intensification has its power source in unconditional love, and it’s as if an electrical charge from this source is being shot into the body of humankind.

This surge of love energy, which reportedly has raised the vibrational rate of the planet from 8 cycles to 11, has sent human beings scrambling for what could be called “surge protectors”—ways to somehow cope with or drain off the increase of current. Surge protectors are very useful for protecting electrical equipment such as computers and television sets from the potentially damaging effects of electrical power surges. But when their equivalent is installed in human consciousness to somehow fend off or delay the intensification of love current, the ultimate result will be far more damaging to individual and collective consciousness than if the current is welcomed and creatively released. Love is an irresistible force, and while a surge protector installed in consciousness may seem to temporarily block the current, providing momentary relief from the pressure, love will ultimately surge through, destroying the protector and possibly the person.

What are some of the surge protectors that are being increasingly used these days in attempts to defend embattled egos and dysfunctional patterns of living from the surging current of the truth of love? Alcohol and drugs are tried and true surge protectors that have been used by human beings for centuries to provide momentary relief from the pressures of life. Not only are illicit drugs being widely used these days but prescription drugs are increasingly used to numb the senses and induce temporary states of euphoria. Obviously if drugs and alcohol are used to the point of addiction, the flow of life is not only diminished, it could be ended entirely.

Also, vacations that offer the chance to “get away from it all” continue to be popular surge protectors. Need relief from stress? Can’t handle the intensity of life? Take a Caribbean cruise!

As an avid listener of radio talk shows, I’ve noted an intensification of complaint and castigation on the part of talk show hosts, both on the right and the left, and the level of “discourse” in the U.S. Congress has reached new lows of accusation and blame. Yes, politics remains one of the most popular surge protectors. Planetary intensification has brought with it a proliferation of human problems—a worldwide economic crisis, climate change, deforestation, species extinction, poverty, disease, terrorism—and with this has come an avalanche of political activity. The illusion that politicians and government bureaucracies can solve these problems acts as a surge protector for increasing numbers of people, particularly activists who pour themselves into political causes with tremendous fervour. All of this activity only addresses symptoms and drains off energy that could otherwise go towards addressing the fundamental cause of the whole human condition.

Religion has for millennia remained the most popular surge protector of all. Religious beliefs can do nothing other than block the surge of life that is seeking to come through human hearts and minds. Those who adhere to a particular religious faith say in effect, “God (the creative power of the universe) needs to be accessed through my beliefs, my doctrines, my creeds, my symbols, my holy books, my rites and rituals, my churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, etc. in order for it to be fully valid.” But when the current of unconditional love is forced to move through these filters, these surge protectors, the power is substantially reduced, and when religious extremists resort to violence to impose their version of faith, the energy of love is channelled into death and destruction.

One of the most pernicious notions common in such religions as Christianity and Islam is the belief that life on Earth is a mere dress rehearsal for a heavenly afterlife. Of course the exact opposite is true. We did not incarnate on Earth to get out of the Earth and into some imaginary heaven; we came to bring the beauty, wonder and glory of heaven into the Earth. Right here in this physical dimension, in human forms of flesh and blood, is where unconditional love is to be embodied. As the love current increasingly surges on Earth, those who continue to insist that life on Earth is simply a prelude to life after death will be hard-pressed to maintain this surge protector.

Relationships, when they generate such things as anger, resentment, possessiveness and dependency, stifle and divert the energy from Source. Other popular surge protectors include comfort food (this may account in part for the continuing rise in obesity), body work and assorted weight-loss programs (e.g. The Biggest Loser on NBC TV and fitness programs like Insanity and The Brazilian Butt Lift), obsessive interest in sports either as a fan or participant, and, yes, even war and terrorism. The latter are invariably justified as defending a religion, a country or some political cause, but they’re actually serving as a shield or protector from the intensified current of life, which wants to be expressed in a creative and integrating way rather than a destructive way. An absolutely stupendous amount of potentially creative life force is deflected or drained off in this way.

These are just a few of the more commonly used surge protectors that are increasingly being used in these days of intensifying love current. You may have your own favourites, I have mine. Some are subtle, creeping unawares into everyday behaviour, thinking, emotional reactions and patterns in the subconscious mind. They all serve, either consciously or unconsciously, to protect and preserve individual human egos and the barren and worthless state of human self-centredness on Earth. As suggested earlier, these surge protectors may seem to work for a while but ultimately will be blown away by the irresistible surge of love. Why would I try to hold on to them and risk being destroyed along with the protector?

So “bring it on!” And why not? The power surge is coming from me and you. From the unconditional love at the core of our being. We came to Earth to disseminate this power, so why would we want to protect ourselves from it? The impulse to protect can only come from a residue of identification with a fabricated separate self, the human ego. Let that go and there is no further reason to maintain any surge protectors.

If anything is being called for in these days of mounting intensity, it’s total openness to this surging current, radical availability to unconditional love at the centre of both my being and yours. This may require some self-examination to determine where surge protectors may still be operative in one’s own consciousness and life-expression. If any are found it’s wise to take whatever steps are necessary to let them dissolve before they are forced out by the irresistible movement of love. Surely it’s time to come fully into the present moment, letting go of all the beliefs, traditions, addictions, assorted attachments, all the human wants and desires that would in any way impede the surging cosmic energy of love that is even now transforming the world and making all things new?

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Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for the spirituality section of the The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community in Loveland for twenty-five years. He can be reached at

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