Epicurus on Happiness is the second episode of Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness—an excellent six-part BBC documentary series narrated by Alain de Botton in which the theories of the ancient (and not so ancient) philosophers are used to look at how we handle our present everyday lives and if and how these philosophies can be put into action.

Epicurus believed we can all find a way to be happy if we look for it in the right place. Inscribed on a wall for all to see in the marketplace he wrote: “Luxurious food and drinks in no way protect you from harm; wealth beyond what is natural is no more use than an over-flowing container. Real value is generated not by theatres and bars, perfumes and ointments, but philosophy.”

Rather than constantly looking for happiness by acquiring money, all we need to be happy are friends, freedom and an analyzed life (time and space to think).

Watch the documentary here: