“The fact that the mass of a particle is equivalent to a certain amount of energy means that the particle…has to be conceived as a dynamic pattern, a process involving the energy which manifests itself as the particle’s mass.”—Fritjof Capra.

“Muhammed says, “God does not look at outward forms,
but at the love
within your love.””—Rumi

Here’s a theory about our real power to change things, and how it relates to seeing Love in everything:

We can semi-consciously bring the real things in our life into being through intention, and the focus of our thoughts and actions to make them manifest. I say semi-consciously because often our egos don’t allow us to see our process as part of the larger system of consciousness we fit into, that’s constantly creating (and destroying) everything around us. That’s that damn illusion of separateness again. Our ego insists that we’re the sole engineer of our creations—regardless of the uncontrollable circumstances of life’s synchronicitous events. Regardless of luck, and karma. Lots of things just happen to us, but if they’re good, we still want to take credit.

Of course we are responsible for quite a bit of it, but often the degree to which our ego takes credit for these otherwise spontaneous acts of creation is the same degree to which we, and the actions we take and things we create become separated from their positive potential—their actual underlying Source energy—which is Love. The unconscious separation from that evolutionary Source, that essential (Essene) consciousness, is what’s behind all our collective troubles, I believe.

In the way we can “see with our heart,” that is, to perceive vibrational energies that constitute people and things (when something doesn’t feel right, or resonate), we can simply and directly observe to what degree the energy of ego and fear—the imposition of “Man’s Will”—has influenced those forms, and made them more and less toxic. Here, Mother Nature is the constant benchmark and provider of the antidote.

Everything comes from Love; like the beautiful wildflower that insists on growing through the crack in the blacktop. Those forms that are natural, spontaneous, efficient and beneficial can be easily discerned from what is forced, unnecessary, wasteful and destructive. Let’s look at the simple examples of architecture, food, and then (God forbid), each other.


The forms of our buildings have always been a direct indication of intent, of the amount of Love expressed in their making. We need shelter. We need purposeful structures—and it’s part of our spontaneous creative nature to build them. It’s readily evident in the forms and materials that are used just how much Love has played a part in their construction, in terms of their qualities and aesthetics, and so to what degree they are beneficial to the world, and to our future.

Some buildings are cheap and dangerous. Some display intimidation and institutionality—“Man’s Will.” Others offer qualities for people to live with and share. Brick, stone, and wood structures, made by hand, crafted from nature’s resilient renewables. Structures that make intuitive sense, that easily fit into their surroundings. Buildings with terraces, alcoves, rooms of appropriate sizes for different uses, naturally well-lit and heated and cooled efficiently. These can be the rooms in the mansions of our shared human heart, host to the spiritual energies and exchanges that our future depends on.

Buildings made of metal amalgams, glass, and plastic products, whose forms are manifested out of expedient commerciality; or those that offer little or no logical use or comfort and are intended only to stand out as their own statement, or as the statement of their designers—these structures are regressive products of harmful and unnecessary ego and separation—not of Love’s evolutionary intention. It’s practically impossible for people to function up to their spiritual potential surrounded by so many material and egoic toxins. You’d be much better off making your important decisions in the park across the street. It can’t hurt to take a walk.


Food is a no-brainer. Everyone knows that Love is a major ingredient in the best food. The forms (and flavours) are deliciously obvious. Stick close to nature. This doesn’t mean that all prepared or packaged foods are loveless—there’s an evolutionary, intuitive trend towards simple natural content, but if a prepared food has a shelf-life beyond that of it’s natural components, there’s little Love in it’s making. Don’t buy it—it’s only intended to nourish the bank account of its producer. Avoid packaging, if possible. Always avoid eating anything that is (or might be) the result of killing; this includes all commercially farmed meat and marine products.

Remember, there’s always Love in simple, carefully prepared food. Everything has energy, and food supplies its energy for your energy. Why not cut out that whole ugly, wasteful process of the corporate dietary hegemony, and just eat food right from the trees, seas and ground? Cut out the corrupt middlemen. Close that market. It’s more enjoyable, and naturally much healthier to be able to eat without the repressed guilt that comes from taking part in a barbaric and destructive system. There’s clearly no Love in one approach, and there clearly is Love in the other.

Each other

Last, but not least, let’s take a look at each other; with what the Hindus call “sakshi,” non-judgmental, non-comparative witnessing of life (no labelling). With that, we can intuitively see how much Love has gone into the formation of a person from their bearing, expressions, attitudes and actions. The obstructions to Love that exist in their psyches are reflected in their exterior physical and psychological expressions; as well as in the sometimes destructive, disconnected goals and results of their actions. Some (lucky karma) people start out with lots of Love and have no problem showing it in everything they do; others have to work to find it for themselves (yours truly…), or suffer, and inflict, the consequences.

For those whose separation, self-centredness, and personal hardship evolves from not having had enough Love in their formation—vain, demanding, withdrawn, or other clearly fearful, damaged people, it is our job to see that they receive enough to help overcome it. As an example, our pets do this work constantly—providing Love to open our hearts and bring us into balance with The Divine—so why shouldn’t we work to assume a similar, transformational grace-in-being to try to aid our fellows return to our Source of creative evolution?

Why is all of this so important? Because this world of ours presents us with a very complex set of problems that won’t be easily deconstructed and repaired, so where and how to start really is our imperative. At those moments that you’re asking The Universe for direction (like maybe right now), The Universe is constantly showing you the path to follow. Follow the outward forms—the evidence created by Love in all your choices: Where you live and go, in what you eat and wear, in the art and entertainment you take in, in who you keep company with, and particularly how you behave and interact. And don’t worry about anything else.

Simplify your life around this comfortable ethos. Everything else will come from following that lead. (I need to try to right what’s right in front of me before I can try to right anything else.) Where there is a lack of Love in the forms around you, supply it yourself, or if possible, ask for help supplying it. There exists what we might call gentle fractals of Love, that we can consciously occupy, and consciously try to reproduce.

It begins with each of us being aware of where we are, of doing what we are doing, and of being with who we’re with. Ask yourself this: Is this coming from Love; or is it from Not-Love?…And remember—there’s always the gift of being in love…and there’s always the power of Love in Being.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside, awakens”—Carl Jung

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image: star field via Shutterstock